1. Of course, one of the main reasons for the superiority of this holiday is that on Christmas you are supposed to renew ties with all the relatives. That means you may spend Christmas Eve sitting through holiday dinner with your uncle who year after year tells the same dirty jokes or with second cousins you know nothing about. As the saying goes you can’t pick your family. But you can pick your partner for life and spend this special day with her or him. 

2. If you don’t have a beloved person yet, there is a low probability you will meet someone at Christmas party. People usually visit all Christmas events in tandem. A lot of champaign often make things go wrong on such parties. So if you dreamt of a girl for many years and her heart has been broken recently, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to comfort her.

3. Feeling of St. Valentine’s Day approaching and pressure from all kinds of heart-shaped decorations around, even the coolest hearts may melt. You can even take a risk and ask the most cynical girl or guy out.

11 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

4. On Christmas morning you look for gifts under the tree and you receive them only if you were a good boy or girl during the whole year. However, the more naughty you were the whole year, the more Valentine’s cards you get. It is so sweet!

5. Actually, giving Valentine’s cards symbolize the feeling of love and sympathy and is an integral part of this day. But it is so old-school. If your partner goes further and shows some creativity and generosity, you may receive a pendant with the engraved initials of your names. If you don’t love anyone, make yourself a pendant with the word “pizza” on it. You may order such at Things Remembered store online.

6. Usually, Christmas time is planned beforehand and you know with whom and where you are going to spend it. Valentine’s Day is full of surprises. Go on a romantic trip somewhere you always wanted to come. CheapOair may help you surprise your lover with such “unexpected” journey. With this travel service and promo code that can be applied to Valentine’s holiday dates, you can enjoy being together away from anyone else. Purchase flight tickets, cruise tickets, book a hotel room, rent a car or buy a ready-made vacation package.

11 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

7. So, the next advantage of Valentine's Day, as it that you can’t carry Christmas decorations to the extreme, people prefer to think that the more trees, lights, wreaths and other props they will use to decorate their place, the better and they are right! But that is not the case with Valentine’s Day. Throw a crazy thematic party hanging and putting everything absurdly red and heart-shaped on all the surfaces and have a lot of fun.

8. On Christmas, you have to puzzle over what to gift. Come to the date with a standard attributes - beautiful bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear from 1-800-Flowers.com and you will be appreciated.

9. Besides this, if you usually have to organize a Christmas party for a whole lot of people and spend half of the holiday at the kitchen preparing tourtiere and caramel apples. Don’t bother yourself with this on Valentine’s Day. Get chocolate candies from Purdys. Have you heard that chocolate is a great aphrodisiac?

10. At Valentine’s Day, you can finally show up your romantic nature. So if your beloved woman asks you to give her the world, give her a micro-world in a ring from Secret Wood brand. All rings are made by hand using fresh wood and jewelry resin. Each ring is unique and special in its kind since exact repetition is impossible. Surprisingly the combination of wood and translucent resin with the inner world creates a feeling of something magical and extraordinary.

11. Make a love confession one more time again and hope it is a mutual feeling. If it is, what can make you happier?

Happy Valentine's Day!