Easter is all about celebrating the death and the subsequent resurrection of Christ as portrayed in the Bible. Easter takes place on the earliest Sunday after the twenty-first of March which is vaguely described as the foremost full moon during the spring season. As a result, Easter takes place between the twenty-second of March and the twenty-fifth of April.

The Easter Holiday Culture

Though it’s based on Christian traditions, several practices did not originate from Christianity like the symbolism of Easter eggs that comes with games involving real eggs that are rolled and egg-based decorations. Eggs are also stand-ins for birth fertility.

In some parts of the world, the Easter bunny shows up with lots of eggs made using chocolate and candy, delivered on the morning of Easter Sunday. The origin of this particular tradition is not known but it’s believed to be of German or American origin. Furthermore, it may have something to do with the procreation that takes place among rabbits in spring, also connecting it to new life or birth.

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Easter in Canada 2020

In Canada, Easter is a public holiday everywhere except in Quebec, where it is not fully observed.

When is Easter Sunday 2020? Easter holiday contains different moving parts that start with Good Friday and with Easter Monday. Consequently, Easter 2020 official starts on Friday, the 10th of April.

Now that you are all caught up on why there’s even an Easter Celebration at all and how we celebrate it here in Canada, it’s time for the gifts. Easter is not complete without bringing a smile to someone’s face and joy to hearts those around you. The best way to make someone feel special during the Easter holiday is through gifts and what worthwhile for an adult is quite different from what brings excitement to the eyes of a child.

Easter sales are usually quiet. Therefore, the best time to enjoy Easter promotions is the days leading up to the celebration itself and several online stores also offer spring promotional events. In other words, shop for gifts on time and you surely save a lot while doing so.

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Best Gift Ideas for Kids

1. An Egg Décor Set

Kids love to decorate and a decoration kit comes with markers of different colors. The color pens are perfect for drawing stripes and different patterns on large white-shelled eggs. Such kits can be found on Michaels’ arts and crafts items category at an affordable price. Even better, we have all of the coupon codes and deals available for the store on the special page devoted to everything Michaels.

2. Matching Colors

These puzzle sets are not just fun but educational as well. The best part is that kids love it and don’t realize how much they are learning about colors in the process. There are sets in English and French. Puzzle Master is up to the task of entertaining your kids in the most fun and educating ways possible.

3. Baby Fashion Items

Trust us on this one, babies love new color outfits and there’s no better time to add new colorful clothing to your baby’s wardrobe. Carter's offers some quality baby shoes, apparel, and accessories like bunny hairbands, necklace, and music-mobiles that are perfect gifts for Easter celebrations.

4. Toys and more Toys!

Kids love toys, that’s a no brainer. From beads, lacing, and jewelry kits to stuffed animals, games, and animal figurines, Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse has many toy options to last lifetime and more. With this online store, no more headaches on what to get for every celebration. If you hate repeating gift toys and games as we do, this is the one for you.

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Best Gift Ideas for Adults

1. Candy

Jelly beans? Oh no, this is Easter! Enjoy sweet tasty treats made into eggs and bunnies, even unicorns. Canada’s Gift Baskets Easter thoughtful snacks will make an excellent inclusion as an Easter Basket Content. You can also check out Purdys to add some variety to the chocolate options in your Basket.

2. Flowers

No Easter basket is complete without some vintage elegance and there’s no better way of adding that to your Easter gift collection than with some lovely bouquets. Our suggestion? Trust the ever-dependable 1800Flowers Canada for the right flowers this Easter.

3. Books

Do you have a loved one or friend that likes reading? Adding a book or two isn’t such a bad idea. Discover best selling titles at BetterWorldBooks.

4. Home Décor Items

Pillows, Trays, Teaware, Mugs, Vases, Baskets, and Dishes are much more ideal décor gift options. We can’t think of a better place to buy such vibrant and fascinating items that will add some level of beauty to someone’s home than The Cross Decor and Design. DavidsTea, on the other hand, offers a variety of teaware that will add more diversity to any Easter Basket for adults.

For more on Easter deals, check our Easter Promo Page.

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