St. Patty’s Day is a public holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador Canadian provinces. Taking its origin in Ireland, this initially Irish Christian holiday became one of the favorite entertainment holidays with themed St. Patrick’s Day parties all over the world. Do you already anticipate bar crawling with friends on March, 17? Let’s find out how to make St. Patrick’s Day celebration filled with interesting traditions and at the same time up-to-date.

Catching a leprechaun

How to catch leprechaun?

How to catch a leprechaun?

  1. Take a shamrock leaf with you.
  2. Go to the nearest rainbow.
  3. Hide behind a magic centennial tree.
  4. Watch out for witches.
  5. Hold on while a leprechaun comes down with his pot of gold. Not to mix up him with someone else? He looks like a short man. He is quite morose, probably because of that. Wearing a big green costume and top hat, like a real spoiled dandy.
  6. Don’t take your eyes off him, he is quite a gold digger.

Don’t take it seriously. One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day quotes belongs to Bernard Shaw “The heart of an Irishmen is nothing but his imagination”.

Dipping into green

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Surrounding yourself with redhead

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If you are not a parade fan and don’t have a desire to make new friends, you can stay with your old good Irish friends at home. Get 25% off annual subscription for CraveTV to watch movies and series with your favorite actors and actress, who comes from a homeland of many gingers. Among them Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Del-Lewis, Saoirse Ronan and Gleeson’s family.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!