In a close International Women’s Day, you probably have already picked the event that you are going to attend to take a part in #PressforProgress movement. The main theme of this year marches and conferences throughout the world is the necessity of women to unite and support each other in the decision to stop keeping silence about all the harassment, discrimination and abuse happen in women’s lives. Unite with your sisters, nieces, friends, colleagues and go to motivating venture in your city. Thousand have recently gathered in Vancouver to fight for the rights of all women. Make a contribution to local activities and let’s show our importance.

Women's Day 2018 Canada

Let’s demonstrate our unity by wearing the traditional colors of women’s day. They are purple, green and white. The origin of the tradition of wearing these colors on women’s day takes place from Women's Social and Political Union and their leader – Emmeline Pankhurst. These well-known group of British suffragette was promoting women’s right for vote and in general women’s power and equality with men.

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For the symbol of the Women's Social and Political Union movement ladies pick 3 stripes:

1. Purple – still the “official” color of International Women’s Day – mean power and dignity.

Joe Fresh for Women's Day

2. White – for a long time was a favorite color of feminists – is a great symbol of innocence and purity.

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3. Green – the main symbolic color of spring – mean new hope

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