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365 Tickets Canada Coupon Codes, Sales & Deals

The stress involved in procuring tickets for events or concerts or sports and so much more can be quite tedious and disturbing. Often times the stress it takes to procure the tickets might even discourage one from being interested in the program at all. In such cases, one might even lose interest in the event from the onset because getting the tickets might prove inaccessible thereby making one unable to get it. From the time 365 Tickets Canada came to be, the main focus was to bring the tickets to the target market instead of making you go all the way to procure the ticket. Imagine just sitting at home and being able to access all the tickets for the great concerts and programs you want to attend without even needing to move an inch from your comfort zone, the only requirement is using whichever payment is preferred by customers and paying. The organization has partnered with countless organizations, suppliers, and sellers and also hosts programs to help make their tickets readily available. As a supplier or a host or organizer, you can choose to contact the company with ideas for your program and the necessary information, and just relax and wait for the ticket to be produced as you like it and sold to your customers.

Ways to Save at the Shop

  • Instead of just taking off the stress of procuring your own tickets physically, you can get the tickets easily and even at a discount by simply signing up to get updates from the company via email.
  • By partnering with the FirstOrderCode website, the company is enabled to provide amazing benefits of paying lower prices by providing promo codes that are useful for shopping.
  • When you utilize the codes provided, you avail yourself of the opportunity of enjoying purchases at a discount.
  • The provision of a search icon to enable custom searches is made available as well.
  • Regularly check the part of the ongoing sales of the website to be kept updated on weekly and daily promotional code updates that apply to you.

How to Redeem a Coupon Code

Utilizing discount codes for shopping allows you to pay less than the cost price of tickets purchased when you add the code details at checkout.

  1. Simply add all needed tickets both singular and in bulk and enter the 365 Tickets voucher code details at checkout under the space provided to do so.
  2. The shopping code value I.e what it’s worth will thereon be subtracted from the total amount of tickets you purchased.

Free Shipping Information

  • All tickets like the 365 Tickets Disneyland Paris tickets that a customer purchases any day that exceeds five days before the scheduled event will be sent or delivered to the billing address the customer made use of.
  • The company ensures quick delivery of your tickets either through email or physical delivery.
  • To ensure that security is tight, the delivery of your tickets cannot be made to any other address than the billing address.
  • If the tickets are to serve as a gift and the receiver's address is not the same as the billing address, you can opt for the email delivery instead.
  • If the time frame between when the order was made and the event date is less than 5 days, then the tickets will be sent to the box office and the owner may receive them on the events day itself.
  • The purchase of tickets will be confirmed via an email message to your email address provided.
  • Customers that prefer the box office delivery option will have to take a copy of their purchase receipt information of a paper printout and present it on the day of the event at the box office Inorder to collect their valid tickets.
  • The delivery period is usually a five day period.
  • For specific events whose tickets are not released or sold until five days preceding the event, delivery is made via box office option only.
  • Tickets that are purchased by international customers have the box office delivery option as the only option of delivery.
  • The company also offers same-day ticket bookings, the tickets will be made available for collection within30 minutes preceding the event.

Online Return Policy

  • In the events that there is a change of acts or actors during the performance, that reason alone doesn’t allow or qualify for a refund of your fee.
  • Cancelation of the performance or event you purchased tickets for will either qualify you for a refund of fees paid for either tickets or the option to attend another event or performance.
  • If mid-performance, the event is stopped, the company will contact you on what to do next.
  • When you make use of flex tickets booking during the process, you will be protected from losses that may occur or be suffered as a result of canceling the event.
  • A refund will be made to the billing card within 10 days.

Customer Care Contact Information

  • The organization’s human contact center can be reached on weekdays from 8 am - 8 pm and on weekends from 9 am - 7:30 pm.
  • Make use of the contact form on the website to make contact or to make group bookings.
  • The frequently asked questions section will provide answers to many inquiries or questions you may have.
  • The company's email address is available on the website to send inquiries to as well.
  • To check the list of events available for which you can purchase tickets and make bookings, peruse the website made available.
  • For bookings related inquiries, cancellations, also other issues you may face with tickets, the contact center will be available to fully respond and rectify every issue whatsoever that may arise.

Payment Options

  • Credit card usage is allowed for payment of tickets or bookings purchased or made.
  • Shopping codes are used as well.
  • Web pay options are accepted.
  • Fee payment options available to you can be checked before making payments on the website.


Tickets booking has never been better and easier than ever since 365 Tickets came into existence. Other than talking about the good work it has done and the impeccable quality of service it has made available to millions of customers for countless shows, the internet is filled with authentic 365 Tickets reviews from customers who have made use of the company’s services and found it to be greater and amazing than any other one.

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