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Expert Advice: How to Save More at Auto Europe

Auto Europe Canada came to do more than just rent out cars, but to rent out cars in the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective manner. Traveling can be quite strenuous and very stressful when embarking on a journey for work or pleasure, what can even be more stressful than the initial traveling would be the stress of having to commute or look for a car rental when arriving at your destination, which may be a place or region you’re not even familiar with, navigating through these hurdles can make traveling so stressful and take the thrill of finding and exploring new places away, or worse, even totally discourage someone from traveling, in order to make your traveling experiences very pleasant and remove a considerable amount of stress from your experience. The company has made sure to provide its customers with the best booking rates and allows you to compare booking rates from different companies before making your decision, cars of different varieties are available at different prices which allows you to pick whichever is best suited to you and your pocket. Cars booked can be canceled for free for up to 48 hours prior to your pickup time and the company charges no credit card or bookings fee and the ever able customer support is always available to attend to you. Pickup sites of over 20,000 in number are available nationwide to create easy access to car bookings wherever you go.

Ways to Save at the Shop

  • In addition to giving you amazing car rental services, you can as well save on bookings and car rental, amazing right? All you need to do to enjoy all added advantages and special offers is to sign up with your email Inorder to receive notice of special offers via email.
  • Make use of FirstOrderCode as well which has partnered with Auto Europe car rentals to provide you with access to more promo codes whenever you need them. That way you don’t necessarily have to wait for email messages as you can have direct access to countless discount codes by yourself.
  • Make use of the codes that are posted on the FirstOrderCode website when trying to pay to get discounted prices of purchase.
  • Daily and weekly discount codes for specials at the store are posted on the FirstOrderCode website under the ongoing sales section and you can make use of these as well for discounts.
  • Also, you need not search through all the codes on the FirstOrderCode website as you can easily enter the name of the specific products you need on the FirstOrderCode website search feature and the discount codes that apply to those products will be shown to you.

How to Redeem a Coupon Code

  • Adding a coupon code to get a discount is easy and fast with the impeccable service being offered.
  • Select the vehicle of your choice as regards information such as the period of usage, pickup location, and every other requested information.
  • Go to checkout and in the payment section, choose the option that allows you to make payment with the use of a coupon code.
  • Next, add the coupon code details and let the system ascertain the value of your code, and discount you for it.

Free Shipping Information

  • The company offers worldwide services in more than 14 major countries and destinations.
  • They have made available over 20,000 designated pickup locations in different countries to make your experience easier and smoother.
  • Airport pickup services are available, which endeavors you pick up your rental car directly from the airport when your plane lands. That way you don’t have to do extra stress trying to track down your vehicle.
  • Reservation agents are readily provided by the organization to help with every step of the process.
  • The whole process comes in three phases, the bookings phase when you get to book the rude.
  • The second phase is the rental phase where you get the rental car you have booked.
  • The last phase is the return and post-return phase where the rental car is returned to the company or the designated return spot.
  • The specifics of the model of car that will be received cannot be guaranteed, however, the transmissions need the size of the car is guaranteed ahead of the booking, if you will however like a specific model or type of car, be sure to request ahead.
  • Selection of a basic date includes the value-added tax on the car, liability insurance for public usage, and fire insurance, unlimited miles are also added. Inclusive rates however include all those states above plus a collision damage waiver on the vehicle usage.
  • Airline miles are not accepted to be used as car rental payments.
  • There is no extra fee charged for changing or adjusting your reservation.
  • The company guarantees you the best rate available, however, should you find a better rate at another company, inform the reservations specialists and they’d be sure to beat the price for you.
  • Auto Europe cancellations are totally free and full refunds will be made if the cancellation is done within 48 hours before the agreed pickup time. Cancellations after this time cost a fee of CAD$75.
  • A copy of your reservation voucher will be sent or resent to you at your request by an agent of the organization.
  • The reservation voucher contains information that is needed and necessary for the pickup of the rental vehicle.
  • International customer care is available wherever you can use this organization’s car rental service

Customer Care Contact Information

  • Reservations specialists and customer care numbers are 1 (888) 223-5555.
  • You can reach the customer care for all inquiries and complaints on all days of the week and all hours.
  • is the email to contact if you want to contact customer care via email.
  • Via the online channels, you can Lookup on a reservation, or Modify, Apply Payment to a Quote, or Price Match Guarantee.

Payment Options

  • Payment for car rentals can be made through all major debit and credit cards.
  • The use of coupon codes from the company which can also be found on the FirstOrderCode website can be used to make payments.


Auto Europe reviews have been positive since the company was established. The ability of the company to provide great cad rental services to countless countries with countless pickup locations and amazing customer care service has easily made the company one of the best in the business. With Auto Europe, your safety and assurance for a good ride are guaranteed.

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