Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FirstOrderCode? is a coupon website that shares coupon codes, discount deals and shipping offers that help its users save on online purchases.

  • Can I be sure that using coupon codes from FirstOrderCode website is secure?

Don’t worry, using coupon codes is completely safe and solely pleasant procedure.

  •  Is it free to use coupon codes from your website?

All the information about discounts on FirstOrderCode website is completely free of charge for everyone.

  • Where do you find your coupon codes and deals?

We constantly establish mutually beneficial relationships with a lot of online retailers and successfully assure their owners that they just need to give you a discount.

  • Why should I sign up for FirstOrderCode?

After you sign up for, you are able to make your own changes to the site content. You may vote, leave your comments, add coupon codes and profitable deals, create your stores and all in all you get much more freedom than unregistered users.

  • Can I add a coupon code or special offer that I found on your website?

Without a doubt, we even encourage this. Just sign up and click on “Share a code” button.

  • I tried to add a coupon code or special offer on the website, but it doesn’t show up. Why?

Probably your coupon code is still under review. Or this coupon code already exists.

  • Can I edit coupon code or deal submitted on the website?

You may easily edit the shares that you added to FirstOderCode website by using a control panel. Concerning all the other coupon codes and deals you may contact us by sending an email with the desired edits or leaving a comment on this offer. Our moderators will do everything possible.

  • The coupon code that I tried to apply doesn’t work, what can I do?

Please, let us know if that happens and save the nerves of other users. Click on “thumb down” and add your comment to this coupon code.

  • Can I add more tags to the store?

If you have a strong belief that the store requires new or extra tags, share it with moderators of FirstOrderCode using a contact form.

  • Can I add a new store?

Yes, and you can choose the most convenient way for that.

First way: Add new coupon code or deal for the desired store and it will be created automatically.

Second way: Create your store here.

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