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Expert Advice: How to Save More at EQUUS

This brand as a whole needs to invest however much quality energy as could reasonably be expected with the company’s ponies. What the company unquestionably doesn't have any desire to do is investing that energy pursuing around the nation for a specific equine item, running from attaching shop to nation store, or looking for vain hours online at that point holding as long as possibly more than seven days for conveyance. Baffled by this absence of accessible alternatives for helpful quality equestrian garments and tack, the founders were motivated to bring client-focused shopping to the cutting edge of the online equine retail part. The label truly developed from a tirade I had about an especially shocking outing to the tack shop. With that, the two creators set out to construct a one-stop online shop which furnishes riders with the best items cautiously curated for them by a group with a genuine energy for ponies based around three center standards that are found in every domain of the company, including Equus Canada, that also comes with the English buoyancy the brand is known for.

Ways to Save at the Shop

  • Sign up to get updates on the biggest deals and dated promotional offers.
  • Check the FirstOrderCode for Equus to get the best deals and every Equus.co.uk discount code with breaking a sweat.
  • Members can also take advantage of the store’s reward program which provides redeemable points that online customers can use to make purchases, saving buyers lots of dollars. Become a VIP member to even get more rewards.

Free Shipping Information

Equus offers both international and locally (in the United Kingdom). Therefore, as mentioned or insinuated by almost all Equus.co.uk reviews, this platform will deliver to places you may find yourself on the planted.

  • The regular shipping speed takes between 3 to 5 business days and delivery to United Kingdom locations is free.
  • Unfulfilled status refers to an order that has not left the company’s stock base.
  • A confirmatory email is sent to the buyers once the placed order ships.
  • Delivery to certain addresses like those to some locations in Ulster and main-lands. In other words, some locations in these restricted regions deliver at the appropriate time.
  • Deliveries in the United Kingdom are fulfilled by Parcel-Force or Royal-Mail.
  • 1-Day delivery is an option for customers who need the ordered products as soon as possible. To request for the Next-Delivery, the customer must reach out to the company’s customer support staff, before the order is placed. The customer support team can be contacted on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00 BT or BST.
  • To track a particular order, make use of the shipment sent to you when the order ships. Go to the website of the carrier, enter the tracking number in the appropriate box.
  • Items that fail to deliver may be due to an address that’s not deliverable. Orders that aren’t collected on time will be taken back to the company. In such cases, the item can be sent back to the customer but plus additional payment will be decided based on the value and size of the order.
  • Shipping to international locations, including Canada, jersey, and Ireland, takes about 7 to 10 business days and costs a flat rate of CAD$26.02.

Online Return Policy

  • Orders can be canceled from the time the order was placed to 14 days from when the ordered product got delivered.
  • Canceling an order already placed may be completely impossible as the store processes orders quickly. Therefore, waiting for the order to deliver and initiate may be the easiest way to indirectly cancel an order.
  • Customizable products, like hats under the special order list, can’t be returned for a refund. Such orders can’t be canceled either.
  • Returned items must be in their original state for them to be accepted for a return.
  • The order must be returned, locally, within a month of receiving the ordered item from the store. In Canada or any other international locations, the product must be returned within 45 days of receiving the product from the store.
  • To start the return process of the returning process, a form for the process must be printed online and filled.
  • The customer is responsible for the item returned until the product gets back to the store’s warehouse.
  • Locally, sometimes return shipping is free. However, in some cases, the company may charge for packing and postage services.
  • A flat rate of CAD$8.59 will be charged with items not returned in their required state like undamaged, etc. will be charged for by the company and paid for by the customer.

Customer Service Contact Info

  • Online Email Form.
  • Telephone No: + 1 438 869 442.
  • Available Hours: Mails sent between 9 am and 5 pm will be replied within 3 hours. Outside this schedule, customers should expect a response in 24 hours. For phone calls, from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


By riders for riders, the store only gives items that the rider focused group really have faith in and which offer top tier execution for their utilization. The brand also gives fantastic client care, make the client excursion, and experience key to the business activities. The platform enhances the network, by offering clients the data and guidance they truly require for them and their ponies to lead a superior equine lifestyle.

Equus reward program is one of the best things about that store, structured to ensure that customers that remain committed get highly rewarded. Based on the results, we can confirm that the miles program is a big draw for the company as many customers testify to, day in day out. Joining the loyalty program does not require any fee, a proper appreciation shown to by Equus to the brand’s customers. For every CAD$1.73 spent, registered online buyers get 4 reward points.

The program has an additional VIP step, adding 3 categories in colors from Ruby, Sapphire, to Amber. The category the customer belongs depends on the amount spent by the customer within a year, ranging from less than CAD$444, for the Amber, to more than CAD$867, which is the Ruby with Sapphire in the middle.


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