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This website shares the conviction that through innovation and development, individuals ought to approach medical care experts when and where you need it. People manage their bank account and spending on the web, buy and sell things on the web, and go about their carrier on the web day in day out. Why not access medical services via the same medium?

The common question is, what is, but a good question would be what this platform hopes to achieve. The company’s central goal is to handle a portion of the world's most significant issues in medical care, beginning with opportune and helpful admittance to specialists and other medical services suppliers – so you can feel much improved, quicker.

This organization's new model of medical care conveyance will quicken the world's excursion to a more reasonable wellbeing framework, saving valuable emergency clinic and center assets for the individuals who need them most. The site’s procedures are very reliable.

Maple is settled in Hollywood North and is supported by a gathering of individuals and associations focused on improving admittance to quality medical services for everybody.

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How Does It Work?

When it comes to, what is, the best way is to describe it is as a platform that delivers virtual medical care, otherwise called telemedicine, the conveyance of clinical administrations over the web or any mobile means. It's any circumstance where the patient or those in need of medical assistance speak with a health services supplier distantly, as opposed to facing a meeting physically.

To use Maple’s tools, the first step is to sign up on the platform. The user must sign in to the created account to kick things off. Select the button that indicates consultation, type in the symptoms, or provides a piece of detailed information on the situation to needs medical attention.

The company’s software searches for available certified physicians using the user’s location and, in heartbeat, a doctor will reach out to you. Without any insurance, every consultation costs CAD$50.

When the specialist surveys the prospective patient’s solicitation, the doctor will decide if they can help the person over the internet. In the event that a healthcare professional is ready to help, the user’s visit will begin immediately and you'll talk straightforwardly with the specialist over visit or video. In the event that the specialist can't help, your visit won't begin and you won't cause a charge. The specialist will prompt on the off chance that you need to visit a general practice or outpatient centers all things considered.

The registered user will get any solutions or debilitated notes carefully in the website’s application. Solutions are consequently mailed to your drug store, or you can pick free conveyance to your location. Just as a reminder, this company is definitely not a drug manufacturer, nor it is an online drug store.

What to Expect

Virtual medical care interfaces patients to medical services suppliers’ internet, utilizing video, text, or sound. Online specialists work much the same as in-person specialists. They can analyze territories of concern outwardly, and pose inquiries about your indications and wellbeing history to decide your determination and the best treatment plan.

Maple is a virtual medical care stage. Through Maple, you can talk with specialists through content or video, get findings and remedies. Your remedy can be shipped off your preferred drug store or conveyed to your entryway.

The physicians that work on Maple can treat all manners of ailments, from sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections to respiratory, skin, and gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea as well as vomiting.

Maple accepts multiple insurance plans that cover both consultation fees and membership plans.

The Pricing

Maple offers two different pricing packages:

  • Payment per consultation: the user will pay every time they visit. Best choice for a relative that’s not registered on the platform or when the assigned physician is not available. Consultation on weekends and holiday periods cost CAD$80.
  • Membership: includes plans that will not only cover you but for your family as well. CAD$30 covers up to 30 consultations per annum while CAD$50 includes family members.

Membership comes with several discount finance opportunities that will help you save on health services. Not just by popular demand or the numerous reviews, the best credit discount packaging Maple provides is a CAD$500 financing option that saves 15%. CAD$200 and CAD$100 provide starter and extended credits that come with 10% discounts as well as 5% respectively. Financing does not elapse and can be used at any time for however long.

The starter category deals in free registration on the platform provide an opportunity to address an issue per visit without a time limit for each meeting.

When a user becomes a member of the platform, they have free consultations with a designated physician, though with time limits. Profile information can be provided for every member of the family, and every medical encounter, test, and prognosis will be recorded and accessible on the platform.

In summary, Maple brings the best physicians to you, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, via video call, testing, or audio call. Evaluation can be made and a prescription for medications can be made through the application. Every request is assessed by doctors and will provide help when they can. Orders made through description are delivered to the recipients at no extra cost. Should you have questions, Maple’s customer support is always available to provide answers and any assistance required.

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