The beautiful Canadian autumn comes to an end, and slowly comes the time of Christmas holidays and the usual discount days for all of us, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This gives an excellent opportunity to purchase something new and needed at a reduced price. Somebody do not see any difference between these two days, but it is. Initially, Cyber Monday was so named in honor of an unexpected rise in a rush to buy goods in online stores on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. So, certainly, on this day you will be hit by huge discounts on online purchases. A lot of stores in Canada held Cyber Monday sales.

The FirstOrderCode team has made for you an excellent selection of very good, though not too popular stores that offer buyers a large number of coupons in honor of Cyber Monday. Some of the discounts are even more than offered on Black Friday, thanks to which your purchases will become even more enjoyable.

Cyber Monday sales

First of all, you should visit the online store Foot Locker. Here you will be able to find a large variety of shoes by world famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and so on, as well as in this online store you will be able to purchase sportswear and closes in casual style for the whole family. Foot Locker offers only original products, no fakes. Do not forget that on Cyber Monday, prices will drop to 25%, which is 5% more than on Black Friday. It's impressive, is not it?

Cyber Monday promo code for Foot Locker

If you want to eat healthy, amazing food, like in the best restaurants in Canada, but prefer to cook it yourself, then HelloFresh is the perfect option for you. Thanks to this online store you can absolutely not straining to cook a variety of delicious food, and you even shouldn't go to the store for products, because this site provides us with complete sets of ingredients and a step-by-step recipe for various healthy dishes. You will be delighted with the fast delivery and incredible freshness of these products, and on Cyber Monday it will be even more pleasant to you because you will be surprised by unprecedented discounts of up to 55%.

Cyber Monday promo code for HelloFresh

For sports lovers, we have prepared a wonderful Canadian online store for sporting goods, in which you can buy various accessories for all kinds of sports such as hockey, football, tennis, skiing and so on, as well as various sportswear for every taste, on Cyber Monday the discount on all goods reaches 25%, that is at least 5% more than on Black Friday. Hurry to visit if you want to make your sports life brighter and more saturated.

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Another online store that we recommend to you is Bentley Leathers. Here you can buy a huge variety of bags from the best manufacturers, for example, by Lula, Ogio, Skyway, Puma, Bugatti, Tommy Hilfiger, Rosetti, and Timberland, that made only from best materials such as natural leather, suede and so on, which guarantees their excellent quality and durability. Also at Bentley Leathers, you can purchase different accessories such as umbrellas, gloves, scarves for every taste. And thanks to the amazing discounts of up to 75 % on Cyber Monday, you can do not limit yourself and buy everything you want, and that's fine!

Cyber Monday promo code for Bentley Leathers

Well, if you would like to take care of your appearance, then L'occitane is what you need. There are only the best natural personal care products, without harmful components which are not good for health, so they bring only pleasure from their use. At this online store, you can purchase various shampoos, masks, skin care products, flavored oils that will make your appearance more attractive, and your skin and hair more healthy. Certainly, any shopping is more enjoyable with discounts that will be about 20% on Cyber Monday. Do not miss your chance to profitably make yourself better with L'occitane.

Cyber Monday promo code for L'Occitane

Many people will probably have a question, where is on our list at least one shop with different products for your house? So, Linen Chest is exactly the place thanks to which your house will fill with comfort and warmth. By the way, this store also offers discounts of more than 25% on Cyber Monday. Without departing from the topic, here you can find all those products that will help you to make your house up-to-date. Starting from all possible and impossible accessories for the bedroom, such as mattresses and finishing with furniture and electronics for the kitchen. You can't pass by without looking at the huge assortment of all kinds of goods which offers us Linen Chest.

Cyber Monday promo code for Linen Chest

FirstOrderCode team wishes you amazing shopping on Cyber Monday!