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When it comes to shoes, we do our homework including keeping tabs on every latest shoe, registering the inventory of every fashion shoe store, like Aldo, in our system, and knowing a lot of footwear facts. Here’s a quick one for you: did you know that men were the first to wear heels? Yes, in the 10th century, exactly. Why? Just because back then, heels signified wealth and a high socioeconomic status, not a representation of the feminine gender like it today. However, enough showing off, let’s get straight to why you are here. Part of our assignment is to collect sales from the best online stores, just to save our customers a huge amount of online search time. So, visit FirstOrderCode for the best promo deals on the greatest footwear brands, including Puma and Nike, offered by the most coveted online stores, such as Foot Locker and Hudson's Bay.
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