Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals 2024

Black Friday Coupon Codes and Deals 2024

Black Friday in Canada is the most expected event of the year for thrift shopping lovers. It takes place every fourth Friday in November, after the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Every reputable and customer-respected store makes a huge sale. It is a way to express gratitude to loyal customers and let them enjoy giant price reductions and at the same time way to empty warehouses for new products. Such enormous price reductions extend on desired tech and electronics, furniture and decor, fashion and beauty items and much more. Huge Canadian stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, Canadian Tire, Sephora open their doors to hold a Black Friday sale. And imagine how many seeking to do shopping with up to 90% rebate. We suppose it makes no sense to get squeezed in crowded retail stores. It is much better to stay at home in comfort in front of your laptop or mobile phone and make all the purchases online. FirstOrderCode gathered plenty of Black Friday coupon codes and discount deals to simplify the process of economical shopping.

Why you should Shop Online on Black Friday

Black Friday is a big deal to buyers and sellers all over the world. Both parties start planning for the day after Thanksgiving from the beginning of the year, and in Canada, it’s no different.

Every year, over a million and two hundred thousand Canadians call in sick on Brick Friday, and six million others always plan a vacation around this time of the year. In the previous year, over nineteen million Canadians took part in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, most of them coming from Saskatchewan with a report stating that the province spent the most.

Currently, when it comes to holiday sales, Black Friday has more promotional power, forcing holiday sales to start as early as the first of November, taking a massive bite out of the influence Boxing Day possessed in the early 2000s. This unsurprising dominance over other holidays is expected to carry on into Black Friday 2020 as retailers and consumers eagerly await what the day has to offer come November.

Why Shop Online this Black Friday?

Though we Canadians prefer to stay polite to one another while working into a Black Friday Apple sales atmosphere compared to our American brethren, one-third of people have seen or engaged in bargaining battles once or twice.

Most items bought on the day after Thanksgiving are clothing, lifestyle accessories, as well as fashion accessories, followed by electronics and appliances. While it’s adventurous to go out to get those things, nobody can deny the comfort ordering online brings. Order and wait for your purchases to get delivered to you, easy pissy — no queuing outside earlier in the early morning or midnight. There’s also no need to worry that an item will be out of stock before you get your turn, but that’s not all that can be avoided by switching to internet shopping.

Apart from the ease that comes with online shopping on the 27th of November, there are a few more reasons for you to shop online this coming Black Friday:

1. More choices:

Shopping online grants you access to an extensive range of products all at once, instead of going from store to store. Black Friday Amazon Canada sales are always something to look forward to, and you can shop based on seller, brand, or product category. Selecting a single type like electronics means you have appliances, consoles, and gadgets from Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, or Microsoft displayed on your computer’s screen. Even better, you can select specific filters to narrow down your search. Imagine what shopping on Best Buy Canada and Walmart Canada online platforms would feel like? Ultra-cool!

2. Access to more stores:

With the convenience being able to open multiple tabs on internet browsers, Shopping on numerous online stores, simultaneously, is more than possible. Stores always have exclusive offers not allowed on multi-category e-commerce platforms like Amazon but do on their websites, just to drag in some sales profit of their own without having to share with an online market.

3. More saving:

Black Friday online shopping comes with more than just promotional events; you also get to use promo codes and get exclusive member offers by just signing up on your favorite online store a few days earlier. In other words, you get to save some more compared to shopping offline, which is limited to what the store offers on each item.

Precisely, shop online this Black Friday to enjoy more savings. Even better, you can count on us to place all the Black Friday promo codes and deals offered by your favorite stores on a special page created for each website. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why FirstOrderCode is the only shopping partner come November 27th. Happy saving!

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