Canada is all about majestic natural wonders. 

Canada flaunts the natural wonders you cannot but fall in love with at first sight. Wild northern boreal forests make fertile room to grow for the vegetation that calls the climate zone of solemn taiga a sweet home. As you draw deep into the green canvas of trees and undergrowth, you will discover the lush forests of poplars, birches, and conifers. 

Go on the trek through the jungles of Canadian wildwoods to find a clearing on the summit of some hill. From that vantage point, you could see all the mesmerizing natural wonders of this northern country. Sparling prairie lands stretch out to the sloping sides of mountains, the gravity-defying picturesque islands of the sky. Magnificent show-tipped mountain peaks form up sharp and rounded ridges. Those massive landforms tower the world. You may spend hours simply marveling at the breathtaking view of the majestic Canadian Rockies and not even notice that the day seems to have flown so fast as if at the speed of light.

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

We love to stay curious and learn interesting facts about the world. Here goes one for Canada. The country has the longest coastline in the world. With a territory that immense, Canada is a sweet home to 48 protected national parks and 20 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The rich natural heritage makes the country the world’s second-largest for outdoor adventure. 

We are fully aware of your fondness for outdoor adventures. Check out the handpicked 10 best places in Canada to visit. 

Feel lighter on Prince Edward Island

Made of boundless beaches and tens of miles of wandering trails, this mesmerizing destination will indulge you in its natural heritage and human-made pleasures. Soothe your feet, mind, and soul ambling the crescents of gold-sand beaches. Find a cozy sandy retreat and dip your toes and the rest of your body in the warmest ocean waters in Carolinas. 

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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Though small in size, the island wins everyone’s affection. Explore farming communities, fishing villages, cozy small towns, attractions, historic sites, artisanal studios, amusement parks, and many more pleasures of life. 

Where to stay on that small island, you may ask? If you want to indulge yourself in daily outings along the waterfront, Merland Park Resort makes a perfect place to stay. Nested on the shores of Picton Bay, the small resort offers modern cottages and motel units amidst laneways and trees. 

Marvel the scarlet shafts of Picton sunset while sitting back on your deck or go on an effortless drive to discover local wineries, gourmet restaurants, and more pleasures and activities. 

You can book your cozy cottage at Those savvy travelers and shoppers will help you to get a great deal on your get-away place. Set up for a tranquil let’s-live-it-slow holiday. 

Embrace the friendly vibe of Quebec City

Located in Eastern Canada, Quebec City is the best place in the country to unlock the nature of French-Canadian Culture. It is an around-the-year travel destination offering the guts of attractions, old-Europe architecture, and gorgeous outdoors all around. 

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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Enjoy the clicking and creaking sound as you stroll along Stroll North America’s 400-year-old cobblestone streets. Despite their senior age, they are very much alive – take it slow to peek into little charming shops. For a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River, amble Dufferin Terrace, a long wooden sidewalk that snuggles up to Chateau Frontenac. 

The axis historical heritage of the city, Place Royale, is the gemstone of Quebec. Hundreds of years ago, in 1608, Samuel De Champlain place a bunch of his signatures within the walls of the buildings, laying the legal foundation of the City of Quebec. 

Though being in the heart of the city, Place Royale lacks what it takes to be the heart of this splendid travel destination. Even the main pearl of the city’s architecture stands in owe of Citadelle de Quebec. This complex of fortification buildings is the biggest British fortress in North America. The phenomenal military site is surrounded by a thick 300-year-old star-shaped wall. 

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At Whistler, the thrill runs deep.

Far away on the mountaintops, a whole new world is tucked away. It is a natural retreat in all its splendor – the cradle of solitude, pristine pine forests, and true wilderness you won’t find elsewhere. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Whistler.

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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Mountain enthusiasts won’t even think about leaving the place. They will get engrossed with it at first sight and till their last breath. There is no wonder why Whistler offers a vast array of outdoor adventures – biking, hiking, trekking, camping, skiing, and more. It is a perfect place to get unplugged from the rest of the world and reboot yourself.

Hit the road to Whistler – this Earth’s paradise welcomes those who profoundly love and deeply respect nature around the year. On snowy winter days and nights, hospitable locals will warm you up with festivals, concerts, more events, and delicious food of course. While the blizzard is raging outdoors, you will luxuriate in the spa or harmonize your body, mind, and spirit with Yoga. Summertime is all about hiking tours to explore vast rugged alpine landscapes.

Niagara Falls is the 8th wonder of the world

How much is 2,400,000 to 3,150,000 gallons of water? If you were a swimming pool building and got yourself a picky, whimsical client demanding a million gallons of swimming pool, you would have to make that pool about 267 feet long, 10 feet deep, and 50 feet wide. Now let’s multiply this pool by three to make it accommodate 3 million gallons of water. The pool is going to be as long as three football fields put in a line!

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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Take a minute to contemplate the following. Niagara Falls is an immense display of water flow – about 3 million gallons of water falls off that 320 feet cliff every single minute. There should be no questioning why the place merits the status of the wonder of the world, shouldn’t there? 

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The hotel serves Italian cuisine and lets the guests luxuriate in the spa, a heated rooftop pool, indoor pool beverage outlets, an around-the-clock gym, and more sweeties of this wonderful life. Round up your loved ones and friends there – amass a noisy adventure company to watch millions of gallons of water fall every minute and just have fun. With the Busbud Canada discount code, your cheap relaxed-ride bus tickets to Niagara Falls will get even cheaper. 

Jasper National Park 

We’ve already mentioned Canadian Rockies, haven’t we? Ah… What majestic those mountains are. As part of UNESCO’s Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Heritage Site, the site draws millions of people to picturesque landscapes you can view from countless vantage points by using the extensive trail network. 

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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Summer is calling you to make room in your vacation schedule for a couple of days (or weeks if you are in a deep love for mountains) for Jasper National Park. This gentle giant of the Canadian Rockies accommodates a small, laid-back cozy mountain town in its very heart – let’s introduce Jasper. 

You can book a room with a quin-size bed and a view of the snow-tipped mountain ridges – Maligne Lodge. An indoor pool, sauna, gym, free parking, and more amenities feature the pleasures of the hotel. Drop by to check the rest amenities and book your vacation. 

Jasper National Park takes up over 4,200 square miles. Over such a massive stretch of the mountainous landscape, you can find appealing spots to explore. Maligne Lake is among the most splendid sights. You can take a relaxed 30-mile drive along the valley along the lake. 

Situated 18 miles away from the town, Mount Edith Cavell is an incredible almost 11,000 feet high peak.

If you aren’t the kind of hiking enthusiast, this place is made for you. You can drive uphill to a campsite. Then you will have an easy half-a-mile uphill stroll to reach the summit and overlook Angel Glacier and Cavell Pond.

Haven’t you noticed it already? We have just mentioned a bunch of sights to see in Jasper National Park. But you already have to cover the distance of over a hundred miles to see the beauties of the pristine mountainous landscapes. There is little you can do in the mountains without a car. Hertz would love to help you with transportation. Get a compact, affordable hatchback or a full-size luxury SUV to reach fascinating places. Ally with Hertz Canada promo codes to rent a car at a discounted price.

Spend days of luxury in Banff National Park and Lake Louise 

Those won’t be just days that you spend at Banff. Those will be the days of sheer luxury. Summer is the right time to kickstart your adventure. Lakes thaw in early May. Late April features the beginning of the hiking season. 

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The park takes up the mind-boggling 2,564 square miles of majestic mountainous terrain. As part of the Canadian Rockies, this UNESCO World Heritage Site wins the hearts of hikers, climbers, campers, and everyone who adores the way vibrant turquoise lakes meander rugged mountains.

With over 1,000 hiking trails, this Earth’s paradise will get you busy. You can spend days ambling the hiking tracks in search of perfect vintage points and campsites. Or you can just sit back on a chaise lounge under a crocked wide-brim umbrella and behold the sceneries of remarkable nature.

The things-to-do list goes far beyond being a couch potato or scuffing your hiking boots to the bare skin. Events and festivals, arts and culture, restaurants and cafes, and more awesome things are looking forward to meeting you in that awe-inspiring place.

Embrace the charm of tenderly beautiful Gros Morne National Park 

Sullen rugged mountains and soaring fjords dominate the majestic landscape of ancient pristine wilderness. Barren cliffs give not a single chance for any bit of vegetation to germinate there. But closer to rivers, ponds, and bogs, evergreen forests besiege the towering gloomy mountains. 

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Gros Morne’s landscape was shaped by grinding glaciers and colliding continents. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has amassed many sights to show for its billions of years of history of formation. 

The Tablelands is a unique opportunity to see the Earth naked. Half a billion years ago what seemed to be a quiet place turned into inferno out of a sudden. A massive volcano pushed skyward, carrying the mantle to the surface. Tablelands are the outcrop of the Earth’s mantle – a rare geological formation that you aren’t likely to elsewhere on the planet. 

Western Brook Pond will see you standing on a slow-sailing ship hypnotized. Thoughtfully curved by colliding glaciers, the freshwater fjord of Western Brook Pond overlooks 2000-foot tall barren cliffs. Water cascading the cliffs gets sifted as it falls and turns into mist before reaching the pond. 

For those who have their hiking boots ready, Gros Morne offers tens of miles of hiking tracks, from half-an-hour effortless ambles along smooth paths to challenging day-long walking tours through rugged terrains. You can trek to the picturesque views atop Gros Morne Mountain’s summit to embrace the whole park from a single vantage point. 

The diversity of things to do goes beyond hiking. You can do camping, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, picnicking, stargazing, fishing, and soaking out sunbathing on a beach. 

The park is located on the northwest part of the St. Pierre and Miquelon archipelago of eight islands. The place is quite barren – the population density is 1 person per 64.7 sq mi. If you want to take the most of your adventure, there is no better way to explore such vastness than by car. Check what cars are available at National Car Canada rental. Choose Nova Scotia as a pick-up location and take a journey with the Marine Atlantic ferry service to the archipelago.  

Savor the spirit of old Europe in Victoria & Vancouver Island

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia nests on the majestic Vancouver Island. Surrounded by ocean vistas and alluring mountainous landscapes, Victoria is one of Canada’s most scenic cities.

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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This grandiose city always puts its best forward. Wherever you go, your eyes will glide along the touching beauty of old European city architecture, colorful gardens, and charming harbor. You can simply wander the cobblestone streets of the city, and drop by museums and cafes. As befits a waterfront city, Victoria offers boat excursions to explore the wildlife – watch for whales, bald eagles, seals, and more diversity of underwater life. 

Sitting on the embankment of Inner Harbour, the Fairmont Empress Hotel boasts marvelous bay views. This 4-star hotel opens its door to lavish guest rooms that convey historical grandeur, harmoniously blending the pristine charm of the west coast with Victoria’s history. The epitome of hotel luxury, Fairmount Empress Hotel will be your romantic harbor at a honey-sweet price – use promo codes to unlock the pleasures of this place cost-efficiently.

Indulge yourself in award-winning fine Vintages in the Okanagan Valley

One of British Columbia’s top-producing wine regions, Okanagan Valley will treat you to flavorful vintages. This area harbors the world’s pioneering wineries. The wine cradle will let your taste buds recalibrate to your new wine benchmark.

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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Hike up Giant’s Head Mountain, an appealing peak and home for the wildlife located in the South Okanagan region.

Take a relaxed drive to Penticton, a summer winery town wedges between two lakes. Sunbath on a beach and cool off in the chilly waters of Skaha and Okanagan lakes.  

Kamloops is an outdoor playground for those who adore activity vacations. You can get yourself busy with golfing, fishing, and hiking. Doing all those things, you never stop beholding the impressive views of lakes and mountains towering over the landscape.  

Okanagan Valley is all about wine touring, lakeside relaxation, and outdoor adventures. 

Ski down the slopes of Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant is a spectacular place to discover. Though known as one of Canada’s most popular ski resorts, the city is an immense playground for many outdoor activities and things to do.

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada 2023-2024

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There, people enjoy life. Outdoor excursions, cute solitude cabins in the woods to reboot yourself, and breathtaking landscapes all around, those and more pleasures are waiting for visitors.

You would love to pack all those adventures in your vacation, but won’t be able to try them all. Because there are too many things to do for just one getaway. Road biking, mountain biking, skateboard parks, hiking, fishing, golfing, helicopter tours, casino, dune buggy, paintball, and many more good stuff are just lying there to pick and derive joy from.

Canada is a majestic place to live and travel. Being the north of North America’s continent, the country is bound to impress the beholder’s eye with the mesmerizing beauty of mountainous landscapes, evergreen forests, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes. With this guide at your fingertips, you will explore the pristine-nature gemstones of Canada. And don’t forget to keep FirstOrderCode’s pool of promo codes – enjoy outdoor adventures, pleasures, and activities with the best 2023-2024 travel deals.