What is spring cleaning? It is a mark of a warmer season coming. After chilly winter, when you got stiff to do a big clean-up, March is the time to get rid of dust, dirt and mess. Use these 5 spring cleaning tricks that probably even your mom doesn’t know about. Make this process fast, effective and inexpensive.  

1. To start spring cleaning, first of all, you need to hide winter outerwear and shoes, warm duvets and plaid to the wardrobe. Before that, it is better to dry-clean all this stuff. Is it also a good idea to pack all those things to special protective cases. At this point, they will not be exposed to unpleasant odor and moth. Moreover, to safeguard your winter clothing just put lemongrass or lavender air fresher to the closet. Best to buy with Well.ca coupon.

2. The second point in our spring cleaning list is to watch your surroundings. Find things that you didn’t use for more than a year. Think about it. Maybe you don’t need them at all? If your eye rests on some things like that, it is not necessary to throw them out. Items in a good condition can be given to charity or sold on different websites like eBay.

spring cleaning checklist

3. Woolen sweaters, cardigans and polos may leave the center stage, giving way to dresses, blazers and accessories which form your spring outfit. Clean winter clothing at a temperature not more than 30°С. Don’t soak it and don’t wring it out, otherwise, your apparel may lose it shape. Best laundry detergent and low-cost fabric softeners you may choose using Home Depot coupon code.

what is spring cleaning

4. Coming season may be a hard time for allergic. For troubles don’t flourish and bloom like all the plants in spring, make life easier for you by getting rid of all the dust, sneaking out on the furniture and area rugs. Dyson vacuum cleaners are known as one of the best fighters with dust and dirt. They have a convenient cordless stick and handheld vacuums. Moreover, Dyson already invented and successfully sells robotic vacuum cleaner that resolves the question how to clean a house while you are not at home. Copy Dyson promo code to get up to $100 discount. 

Dyson vacuum cleaning

5. Spring cleaning tips can’t do without the next one. Modern cleaning products are very effective in difficult clean-up tasks, but also may do harm to your health. In order to avoid any risks, use ordinary and cheap cleaning tools from Reno Depot. Dishwashing gloves, cleaning towels and scrub sponges will help you to make spring cleaning easy and quick. To make it cheaper apply Reno Depot coupon at the checkout.

Now you can take a deep breath and look around. Much better now, isn’t it? Do you feel the enthusiasm to continue?