Let’s start with the basics: Udemy is an online platform where you can learn over a 140, 000 multiple courses across an extensive range of subjects. There are currently 51 million students & 55, 000 instructors. Udemy courses are offered in over 60 different languages but the impressive numbers do not end there. The total number of enrollments is a whopping 290 million-plus and increasing but that’s just for individuals.

More than 4, 500 companies enroll their workers for Udemy for business with more a staggering 80% of these institutions trusting this website for skill improvement. At the end of every course, a certificate is offered for study completion.

Udemy’s Legitimacy

Unlike Course & edX, Udemy is not a platform that offers courses provided by educational organizations like universities or colleges. So, long you can teach and have something special to provide, anyone can create business courses online through the platform & sell. It worth mentioning that offered skill courses are strictly assessed by experts working for this teaching website before being published. Therefore, the courses you will find here are carefully curated. In other words, Udemy is 100% legit and has received praise from top press media like Forbes among many others.


This online learning platform does not offer online education courses that are not accredited by higher institutions, which is also in contrast with the likes of Coursera. As a result, if you want something to bolster your resume, you need to consider internet-based schools with accredited courses.

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What are the best Udemy Courses?

  • Udemy Python:

One of the most common programming languages, Python is a must-learn for any aspiring computer programmer. Udemy’s take on the language starts from basics and slowly progresses to advanced territories. The lessons are created in such a way that they will help anyone learn and acquire the desired skills in a practical way. After this one, you will certainly be set to apply for taking Python developing projects as a freelancer. The whole course entails over one hundred and eighty lectures, nineteen articles, and the same number of exercises that all involve coding.

  • Udemy MBA:

It’s not a joke, this is the entire MBA program condensed into a single course, offered by a well-celebrated business professor. The course is centered on the core concepts of business, from general to finance. This course offers the key things that are mainly based on the instructor’s life-experience. The whole course currently includes eighty-three lectures, over thirty-three articles, and more than sixty-five different resources that are downloadable for offline studying.

  • Udemy Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is taking the world by storm & definitely the hot-cake of modern businesses. Udemy’s offering on the subject matter explores every channel & tool of digital marketing including Google Analytics, SEO, Instagram for Business, Facebook for Business, YouTube. The course starts with the most important things before taking it a notch up to advanced topics. At the end of the course, the student would already have a personal audience, a website or e-commerce platform, and will be ready to start putting those newly acquired skills to work.

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The Cost of Learning

The cost of acquiring skills and an Udemy certificate of completion varies from course to course, depending on how valuable the award-winning instructor, professor, artist, actor, or programmer think the course being offered is. However, there are lots of saving options when it comes to what you pay for a particular course, ranging from Udemy coupon codes or deals provided over a period of time by the platform itself or the person selling the course. Scrolling through hundreds of thousands of courses to find a few that on sales on searching all over the internet for coupon codes can take the edge off you. As a result, the FirstOrderCode has compiled the best of deals for you & discount codes, including a 95% off coupon on any course & every single available ongoing deal. Just leave the searching to us, and enjoy learning from the best from the comfort of your home.