What is coupon code?

Let’s find out what you already know about coupon code and maybe you will get some answers you were looking for. Coupon code has multiple names and is as well known as promotional code, promo code, discount code, voucher, key code and many more variants. All that names title one entity. It is sometimes random numbers and letters or sometimes a combination of words that allows a customer to get an additional bonus with their purchase. There are some types of bonuses you may receive: discount on the certain item or entire purchase, a gift or a free shipping of your order. Moreover, coupon codes are absolutely free and online stores usually provide them with the aim to beat off customers from competitors. Do you agree that it is quite a fair deal if you spend some time looking for a coupon in exchange for saving certain money or getting a nice gift? To minimize the time spent on coupon codes search, use FirstOrderCode website. FirstOrderCode team already gathered all the possible coupon codes, so your task is just to find a proper online store on our website and decide what reward you want to receive.

Could we already make you believe that everything can be so perfect? In point of fact, coupon codes may hide some tricks. For example, some coupons are valid for a limited time, sometimes its time is determined, but sometimes it is not. So you’d better apply them as soon as possible and vise versa, coupon codes that are supposed to be expired, may still give you some premium for using it. Furthermore, some discounts may be applied to select stuff or brands and exclude others. And there is nothing we can do with that :( But we know it well: No guts, no glory!

How to use a coupon code?

To use a coupon code, you need to find a coupon code. To find a coupon code, you need to think like a coupon code. Really? Of course, not. To find it just type in a needed online store name into FirstOrderCode search panel. It moves you to the page, where you can choose one of available coupon codes. First of all, try actual coupons, then you may try to use expired ones(see above why). Open the code and copy it. Then go to already opened in a new tab online store webpage. Add all you want to the shopping cart. After you make a decision that it is enough items in your cart for now, complete your order by moving to checkout. Here you should find a special field with the title or inscription that hints to you that you may paste the copied before coupon, promo, promotional or discount code into it. To calculate the sum of your discount, find out what kind of a gift or add free shipping to your order you should apply that code. Sometimes it is hard to find an appropriate for that field. Skipping it accidentally would be a tragedy. For that FirstOrderCode team made a “How to use” tutorial with all the particularities at the bottom of each store page. Good luck!