Good life relies on simple things

Though a million-dollar dazzlingly white yacht lolling on the coastal waters of Santorini is a clear massager of a good life, such an article of divine luxury matters nothing unless you secure good-life essentials. A healthful diet, a good night's sleep, and regular exercise are those essentials that keep you healthy, productive and agile. They secure a good life. 

Having enough of a good night's sleep, you feel productive, stress-resilient, comfortable, and pacified. Good sleep is the inherent part of good life – you can tell this by how awful you always feel even after one sleepless night. To restful sleep, we are going to dedicate today's talks. 

Achieve a bedroom beyond your wildest dreams

You must have been waiting for that moment since the very morning. It happens that after working hard from dawn to dust all you want is to feel the silky-soft touch of a pillow, climb under the weighted blanket and drift off into the pitch darkness of restful sleep. 

And well will you sleep unless, of course, your bedroom is rather hardly hospitable and sleep-inducing. Stinging rug underfoot that feels like a course, 40-grid sandpaper, wall color that calls out a twisted expression on your face, and that lamppost right in front of your bedroom window that feels like having the Sun itself as your immediate neighbor – all those and many more aspects make your bedroom an unfavorable habitat for restful sleep. 

Let’s fix it together!

Phycologists, bedroom essential businesses, scientists, and more professionals from various fields round up every March 8 for Sleep Awareness Week to discuss and offer ways to make your bedroom sleep-inviting – so that you fall asleep easily and don't wake up until your desired wake time.

Getting armed with their recommendations, we would love to introduce you to science-backed, time-proof ways to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Let pitch darkness fall

Though you may be afraid of pitch darkness, making your bedroom dark before going to bed is crucial for your circadian sleep-wake cycle. Keep illumination from windows as low as possible. 

Here’s what you can do to that dazzling-like-the-sun streetlight – blackout blinds plus blackout drape curtails. The blinds make the first line of defense. They take almost all of the streetlight blow. But some of the light will make it past the blinds, especially in the area of edges. Thick drapes will contain whatever seeps through the blinds. 

Believe it or not, you can shield your bedroom from the glaring streetlight and pale moonlight and uplift the curb appeal of your house at the same time. Look at the way Covers & All’s Printed Outdoor Blackout Shades uplift outdoor aesthetics. 

Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams: Top Sleepwear, Lighting, and Bedding for Your Perfect Bedroom​Source: Covers & All website

Made with sustainably-sourced materials, the shades create vibrant and eye-catching graphics. You can personalize the shades to match the exterior of your house. Water and UV resistant, reinforced with a 1-year warranty, the shades will provide the utmost protection for years to come. Use Covers and All Canada promo codes to unlock the sweetest price on your outdoor shades. 

Ambient light makes the perfect bedroom mood

What if the calls of nature wake you up in the middle of the night? Once you open your eyes in a room completely dark, you will have to fumble for your phone to shed light on your way out of the bedroom. But the phone's blue light is too bright for your so-sleepy eyes. Even those couple of seconds of staring at the phone may make it harder to fall asleep again. Ambient light makes a perfect solution for wake-up-at-night situations. 

Besides, not all people like it when their bedroom feels like the dark side of the moon. Most people use their bedroom as a place of privacy during the day. With the help of ambient lights, you will bring efficient light control to your abode of relaxation and sleep. 

At Govee, you can find smart home décor lights – the well-thought-out combination of a corner floor lamp, night light, and strip lights. All those relaxed-ambiance lighting products can be controlled via a smartphone app. Or you can schedule your smart lights to turn off/on, get brighter or dimmer, and set up more features. With the help of Govee Canada promo codes, you will get ambient light fixtures to create the right bedroom atmosphere at a discount. 

Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams: Top Sleepwear, Lighting, and Bedding for Your Perfect Bedroom​Source: GOVEE Canada website

The mattress is your perfect bedroom's magnum opus

If waking up in a good mood isn't the way you feel every morning, it is time to rethink your mattress. It is horrifying to believe that you are going to spend around one-third of your life on a mattress – that is how much time our bodies need to reboot and function normally. 

Poor mattress ruins everything. Not just your restful sleep, but your good life is in danger. You cannot build healthy relationships, learn things, climb the career ladder, and just live to the fullest if you undergo sleep deprivation. And matter can be than one piece of the puzzle that keeps you away from living fulfilling and rewarding life. 

Mattresses have been rethought at Simba Sleep. The company makes organic mattresses – sleeping on those feels like sleeping in the cozy hugs of Mother Nature herself. With up to 2,500 Aerocoil springs for personalized support and enhanced airflow, the Simba Sleep Hybrid Organic mattress delivers six layers of soothing, sustainable comfort. 

Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams: Top Sleepwear, Lighting, and Bedding for Your Perfect Bedroom​Source: Simba Sleep Canada website

Hypoallergenic GOTS Certified organic cotton cover makes it feel like sleeping on the cloud. Get this comfortable, cooling mix of organic materials and mattress technology breakthroughs at a sweet price – put the Simba Sleep Canada discount code in the drive. With the 100-day trial, you can buy the centerpiece of your bedroom with confidence. The company also offers a 10-year warranty on its mattresses.

Bedding helps the mattress do its job

There is no doubt that you will sleep longer and better on multiple layers of patented sleep tech. With all those edge lift no-rolling-off technologies, shoulder supports, firm lumbar sections, and more features you will no longer feel post-wake-up aches and pains. With the spine correctly alighted and your body in its natural position, a good night's sleep is secured for every night.

Though being the centerpiece of your bedroom, a mattress is a teammate. No matter how advanced and revolutionizing your sleep surface is, it won't make your sleep restful all alone. Complement your mattress with matching teammates – Simba Hybrid Duvet and pillows. 

With space-inspired technology at its core, this duvet is cool on every level. The top layer ensures active temperature regulation. The middle layer dissipates heat. The lower layer is made with breathable cotton – which enhances airflow. Hypoallergenic and made with 100% recycled materials, the sustainable duvet will help you stay comfortable and cool all night long. 

Keep your head cool, literally. Simba Pillow offers astronaut-inspired temperature regulation. The pillow absorbs, stores, and releases heat when you need it. Active heat dissipation, breathable organic cotton and more techs encapsulated in this pillow will make sure that you always stay cool and at perfect degrees. 

Auxiliary furniture augments the calm oasis of a bedroom

Nightstands, chests, dressers, wardrobes, armories, makeup vanities, and more pieces of furniture expand the horizons of your bedroom's functionality. As we've already mentioned, the bedroom isn't just a place you come in to sleep. It is also the calm and pacifying spot in the whole universe where you can simply sit back and read a book, get immaculately groomed, try new fashion entries in your wardrobe, and do more stuff. 

To create a comforting environment, choose the calm colors of your furniture. A bedroom isn't the object to experiment on – dazzling patterns and bold colors won't make it sleep-inducing and inviting. Focus on light grays or a crisp palette of whites – these colors help you to clear your mind, cool off and relax. 

Let furniture multitask. Keep your bedroom as spacious as possible with multi-function pieces of furniture. A nightstand with a cabinet, baskets, or drawers will release you from the trouble of messy small stuff. 

Costway Wooden Nightstand with a slide-out drawer and open shelf makes an illustrative example.

Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams: Top Sleepwear, Lighting, and Bedding for Your Perfect Bedroom​Source: Costway website

It offers an open-air surface for scented candles, photo frames, etc., as well as concealed storage for your blue-light devices to muffle up late-night, sleep-disrupting notifications. Get this charming rustic style more-than-nightstand nightstand at a bargain – use the Costway Canada promo code to unlock an appealing discount. 

Shopper Plus’s Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer Cabinet will surely carve itself a useful niche in your bedroom as well.

Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams: Top Sleepwear, Lighting, and Bedding for Your Perfect Bedroom​Source: Shopper+ Canada website

With this white wall-mounted mirror-door jewelry organizer, you will maximize your space without sacrificing the functionality of your bedroom. Looking compact and neat on the outside, the jewelry organizer offers ample storage space for your fine jewels, fashion ornaments, cosmetics, makeup tools, and more stuff for your daily beauty routine. Put the Shopper Plus Canada promo code to work to unlock your jewelry dreams with this multi-functional, versatile organizer cabinet on special.

Treat yourself to terrific pajamas and more sleepwear

As you walk into your relaxation and sleep abode, glowing ambient floor lamp caressing neatly made bed, you realize that here comes your reward. In the blink of an eye, you will be climbing under the Simba duvet, snuggling up to the Simba pillow, and letting the cooling, pure organic cotton of the Simba Hybrid mattress offer your superb body support and utmost comfort. 

The blinds are applied. The curtains are drawn. Streetlight stands zero chance of sneaking into your bedroom. There is only one thing left to do – change into silky-soft pajamas. Your perfect sleepwear originates from stretchy, smooth, and always organic fabric. The best picks are organic cotton, silk, Bamboo, or linen – all those materials feel like the second skin. They drape just as they should, fitting your beautifully. 

But the main reason you want to go for those materials is softness and breathability. Styles depend on your preferences. But here is what tops our list of best sleepwear – women's rompers & jersey sets, all-season unisex sweatpants, women's silk PJ sets, and, of course, cute-print unisex long johns. All those styles will make you look as put together. 

A good night's sleep isn't something we take for granted. You have many things to address to secure restful sleep, starting from good eating habits, an active lifestyle, regular exercise, mattresses, sleepwear, bedding, and more. This guide will aid you in creating the bedroom of and beyond your sweetest dreams. Furnish your bedroom in a way that creates a sleep-inducing and relaxation-inviting atmosphere. Use the promo codes we’ve amassed for you to stock up on savings with every purchase.