A bedroom is one of the most important places in a house. It is a place where we have rest, relax, sleep, spend time with our closest people. It is a place that you won’t leave when you feel bad. That is why it in no case may seem annoying to you. If you want to refresh your bedroom, but not ready to spend a lot of money and time on the superficial repairs, then take note of some advice that FirstOrderCode team have prepared. Wayfair coupon code and free shipping option will make it redecoration very easy and pleasant time spending.

1. First of all, the main items in the bedroom are always beds. To change its appearance, you definitely don’t need to buy new furniture. Just change the bedding and it will totally alter the room. Wayfair Canada offers up to 70% off bedding, so there is a great assortment of bedding sets you can purchase for as low as $25.

  • black bedding adds a hint of modern style to any bedroom.
  • geometrical pattern fundamentally changes everything.
  • red bedding makes old passion aflame again.

Wayfair bedding

2. Are rugs give background to everything standing on the floor. Moreover, it gives your foot sensation of softness and delicacy. And again could you imagine area rugs for as low as $25?

  • add hygge to your place with the most popular among Scandinavian designs white fur area rug.
  • the patterned rug may introduce the required changes.
  • break the routine and usual space with strange figures on a new rug.

Wayfair area rugs

3. Add more warmth to your bedroom by adding yellow lighting. The comfortable feeling may be easy to reach by a couple of table lamps. At Wayfair Canada online store you may find such a set of lamps for…….less than $70!

  • for minimalism lovers, there is a really simple set of lamps.
  • matching tone lamps if you prefer colorful light.
  • antique-looking lamps add elegant subtlety.

Wayfair lighting

4. A lot of modification may be reached by a set of curtains. In which way sun gets to your room? You decide. But keep in mind, there are set of curtains for as low as $30.

  • curtains with many layers definitely add a kind of festivity.
  • plain, white and transparent look very stylish.
  • colorful set of curtains draw a lot of attention to itself.

Wayfair curtains

5. And of course the fishing touch – little decorative details, that can complete the makeover for $20 or even less.

  • picture frames
  • candles
  • decorative plates
  • indoor fountains
  • boxes

and much more.

Wayfair furniture and decor

After you make the whole purchase on $200 or more, just visit Wayfair Promo Code page, copy the first code and apply it during checkout to receive $25 discount. In total, bedroom makeover can cost you just $175!