When it comes to getting a new couch, some prefer to drive to furniture stores nearby, rather than pulling a laptop closer and check stores offering home décor items, for certain reasons.

The first reason is that not everything looks the way they appear online. One hardly sees what a table ordered online looks like till the table arrives. Worse, it’s even bigger than expected & would not fit in anywhere in your home.

Furthermore, reviews are the closest thing to a realistic opinion of a particular bedroom storage furniture. These user-based opinions ring true the echoes of gimmicks & overhyping expressions used by online sellers in product descriptions or online adverts. However, reviews can be misleading, in both ways. What works for A does not work for B, and because something broke after C used it for a couple of days does not mean that all the bed frames sold by the store are bad, these things just happen for unknown reasons, just unlucky. On certain occasions, sellers adopt fake reviews and even go ahead to pay people to post good reviews.

In addition, delivery charges can be discouraging, to an extent. Most online stores have free delivery clauses inserted in their policy that usually based on paying up to a certain price. On the other hand, most people with a furniture store near them would agree that delivery charges are less or none extent when buying that local store.

All these reasons deterrent of not buying furniture online are valid. Nevertheless, there are certain online homeware stores, like JYSK, have taken note of these so-called disadvantages of online shopping provided advantages that trump these worries. Jysk online shopping experience comes with all the benefits of online shopping & none of the disadvantages it entails and more stores are beginning to follow that path.

Jysk mattress

Why you should start shopping online

A recent survey shows that about 20% of Americans buy furniture online & would prefer to continue shopping for home stuff through the Internet. Before you say 20% percent is not a lot, wait. FYI, about 10% of the cumulative sales of online stores is on home furnishing, precisely 28 billion dollars was spent in total. Even a more recent study, shows an increase in that number by 10 billion, showing that more & more Americans are starting to prefer shopping for furniture. Without a doubt.

What about you? Well, here are a few reasons why you should shop online:

1. Convenience & Accessibility

Can you wear your Pajamas to a local store? While some may, most would not. Shopping online means shopping in your bed, pajamas, you simply do not need to move a muscle. Nothing beats accessibility to the entire inventory of an online store in the comfort of your home, with the music on, a glass of wine or the cool breeze of the air conditional, all which you can get from JYSK, ignoring the music part.

2. Broad Selections

Buying online gives you access to a huge range of home items. Sometimes when shoppers go for a specific product, they even find something better, more in the vein of discovering what you did not know you needed. For example, scrolling through a page of all Jysk dining chairs allows you to see everything available thus giving you the excitement of discovering and the power choice, in comparison to when a salesperson is trying to sell you what you don’t need or want.

3. Comparison

Skimming through categories, comparing prices of all Jysk mirrors & curtains, using the sorting options to narrow options down to specific qualities are only possible online.

4. Discount Offers

Truth is, there are more promotional sales and discount options online. More & more stores are finding easier to sell through the internet. As a result, the best furniture stores in JYSK provide coupon codes & online exclusive deals to encourage customers to buy online. You bet we have all the juicy offers from the best furniture stores including Jysk accent chairs, blankets, and other product specific offers lined up for you.

5. Easy Returns

Contrary to what most people think delivery cost, there are online stores delivering orders to the nearest store, for pick up, cutting out any delivery charges. You find Jysk locations nearby using the “My Store” option and yes, most furniture stores offer this option. Stores also provide easy returns & exchange as a way of guarantee quality while mattresses usually come with a 100-day trial.

Hopefully, the article has been able to put your furniture online shopping worries to rest. For everything else saving and coupons, you can count on FirstOrderCode.