Like Women’s Day, Mother’s Day is another special day set apart to celebrate women but unlike its counterpart, this day celebrates one of the many attributes that makes ladies very special to the society, Motherhood.

Though we can’t wait to say Happy Mother’s Day 2020 to put a smile on the faces on the marvelous women in our lives, let’s take some time to reflect on how it all started, how the second Sunday in May will go down in history as a day to remember the best gift of all, a Mother.

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Brief History

The ancient Greeks hail Mothers through a special occasion one time per year as far as we can remember. However, contemporary new-age Mother’s Day started in the early 1900s by a woman named Anna Jarvis, who held the burial ceremony of her late mother on the second Sunday of May in 1905.

Ann Marie, Mother, was an activist that fought to better sanitary conditions for households in the community. During the day, she sourced for money required for drugs to help treat other mothers who contracted tuberculosis, at night, she was a loving mother of 12 before tragedy struck. Ann Marie eventually lost 8 of her kids to the civil war in America but that didn’t slow her commitment to the betterment of the community down in any way. After she dies in 1905, Anna would bury are Mom, continue her legacy, and would, in her Mother’s name, ensure that Mothers are celebrated once every year.

Mother’s Day in Canada

In Canada, Mother’s Day is a public holiday and held on the second Sunday in May like the country it originated from. Canadians take this day to express their appreciation for the Mother figures who raised them or play important roles in their life. This unique day is always in a parallel to Father’s day. So, when is Mother’s Day 2020? The calendar says the 10th of May, mark that date and pay attention to the next segment.

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Special Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s customary for Canadians to travel home on this day to see their Mothers. For those that can’t travel, phone calls and greeting cards are the order of the day. However, why not do more than visiting and greeting cards for this Mother's Day 2020 Canada, because it’s 2020 and we are Canadians, just in case you are wondering why these words follow each other in a way that may not make sense that much. What makes this year even more unique is the pandemic that’s going on which may restrict movement. Taking that into consideration, what then are the Mother's Day gifts during COVID? We have a couple of suggestions below:

  • Home Décor

Let’s kick start our Mother's Day quarantine gifts suggestion with things to beautify the home. Mothers love the bedsheets tucked in and the plates arranged the rack but what is even more precious is a decorative pillow, which is perfect for the pouch. Other ideal décor items that are perfect for Mother’s Day include rugs, decorative trays, vases, curtains, and so much more. There’s no better place to do your online décor items than Wayfair.

  • Flowers and Jewelry

Ladies love flowers but do you know what they love more, jewelry. Consider adding a necklace, earrings, or bracelets to the bouquet and greeting card you are planning to send over, she will in no doubt love it! Teleflora and Jewlr are our picks of stores to check out for outstanding flower collections and authentic pieces of jewelry with 60% discount.

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  • Clothing

Apparel is one gift that never grows old. Explore Zaful’s online platform for trendy fashion selections and finding something new and unique for the wonderful lady becomes a piece of cake. Grab up to 20% savings on all Mother's Day purchases.

  • Cosmetics

Buying what she already has could be tricky and even though Mother would say thanks, there’s no doubt what the lovely woman expects something unique. It Cosmetics and Yves Rocher lead the way among online cosmetics store with uncanny selections that would definitely be new and special like the occasion itself.

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  • Gadgets

Helping her upgrade from an iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 is no brainer when it comes to gifts especially for technology adepts Moms. Accessories are also welcome suggestions, just imagine a wireless headset that allows a person to not have to go all the way to mobile to receive a phone call. For gadgets, our number one picks is Jabra Canada. Who says you can’t have two number ones?

Get her any of the above mentioned this coming Mother’s Day, not just as a gift but as also something she could hold on to and remind her of the love shared between Mother figures and those they raised.

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