Let’s start with sports nutrition. It isn’t just a bunch of whey protein bags, amino acid compounds, creatine, and vitamins that take up a whole shelf in your pantry. Sports nutrition is the study that focuses on how to use nutrition, the riches of the planet Earth, to fuel your athletic performance. So that next time you could lift more weights, swim that pool-length distance at a shorter time, or just go whatever extra mile you want to go.

A key to attaining your fitness, sports, and health goals

Before diving into whey proteins and body mass gainers, you ought to make sure that a piece of basic sports nutrition advice sinks in. Nutrition recommendations vary depending on the kind of sports you engage in, your training experience, fitness goals, on or off-season status, and many more factors. 

Nevertheless, all athletes, the greenie and professional alike, comply with some basic laws of the universe. Whether you are gaining or losing weight, or trying to reach the end of that 10-mile-long constant-uphill track in at least one second faster, you need to maintain high-intensity training. To do so, you will have to focus on the nutrient-dense foods that belong to the following five basic food groups you can find below. By the way, that has been the first law in all its splendor.

  • Vegetables;
  • Fruits;
  • Lean proteins;
  • Grains;
  • Low-fat dairy and alternatives. 

The second law of the universe derives from the first, hey-there-eat-proper-food one – minimally processed food paves the way for peak nutritional value. 

These two rules will help you to master eating fundamentals and squeeze the greatest gain from the food you find on the shelves of any grocery store. 

So, where do the sports nutrition supplements kick in? Let’s talk about this in more detail now.

Proteins, carbohydrates, and fat, what about them?

Your body needs three micronutrients to thrive – complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 

Protein is the building block of your muscles, ligaments, skin, bones, teeth, and just every organ and tissue in your body. Athletes need a daily intake of 0.7-1.0 grams per pound of body weight. You will want to get your protein from sources of leaner proteins – chicken fillet, seafood, egg whites, etc.

Carbs are your fuel tank. You burn cabs to make your body function – eat, breathe, move, etc. Just lying still with your eyes close takes some amount of carbs to sustain this maximally passive activity. Carbs make up 45-65% of your total daily calorie count. On average, a person needs 2,500 a day to function normally. It equates to a daily intake of 280-405 grams of carbs. You need to get half your carbs intake from fiber-rich food (sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, rice cakes, brown rice, etc.) and the other half from simpler starches (white rice, pasta, and those super-tempting cakes, candies, chocolate, and more sweets).

Fat is a secondary sort of energy source. Carbs and proteins offer 4 calories a day. Fat gives you twice this value. Far is quite impressive, isn’t it? Fat shouldn’t become your main source of energy unless you want to quit your athlete’s journey and become a couch potato. But healthy fats are your thing for sure – olive oil, avocado, seeds (flax, hemp, sunflower, etc.), fatty fish (omega-3 fatty acids), and more.

Now it is time for sports nutrition supplements to show up.

Though whole foods make fundamental of your diet, they fall behind in covering the greater nutritional needs of the men and women of focus, commitment, and sheer will. A nutritional gap pops up. And here come science-backed sports nutrition supplements to fill in the gap and help you attain your sports goals.

Whey protein powder builds lean muscle body.

Whey protein powder is your best friend. It is the most popular and important sports nutrition supplement. More protein means more muscles. Period. Though you can find protein powders originating from egg white, brown rice, pea, and soy, whey is the most popular and widespread source of protein supplements. Depending on the brand, a standard scoop (around 30 grams) of protein powder packs 10-27 grams of lean protein. Optimum Nutrition serves as a benchmark unit for whey proteins. 

At Well.ca you can find the ON Gold Standard series. Available in various flavors such as extreme milk chocolate, banana, delicious strawberry, double chocolate, coconut chocolate, and more, the Gold Standard packs the whey protein isolate, the purest form of whey protein, as the axis ingredient. 

Combined with clean whey protein concentrate, each serving fuels your bodily needs with 24 grams of pure whey protein and 5.5 grams of BCAAs. The packages come in various sizes, from 0.66 lb. to 10 lb. Use the Well.ca coupon code to get your premium whey protein supplements at a discounted price.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Do They Really Work?​Source: Well.ca website

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is ON Gold Standard's serious rival for the job. This brand belongs to the same constellation of the world's leading sports nutrition supplement manufacturers. Next time you go to the gym, mention MyProtein in a conversation with other athletes and you will get an unambiguous reaction –approving nods. 

The Impact Whey Protein packs 21g of clean whey concentrate and 4.5g of naturally-occurring BCAAs per portion. Available in over 40 flavors and 4 package sizes (0.55 lb. to 11 lb.), the protein powder will be an excellent source of protein for your everyday nutrition.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Do They Really Work?​Source: MyProtein Canada website 

The protein powders we’ve looked into do a brilliant job for every athlete. The whey protein powder helps you to become a stacked hulk or cut away unwanted fat deposits and merit your head-turning shapely legs and lean athletic body. All protein powders fit men and women, but some formulas are better adjusted to specific women’s needs. 

IdealfFit Canada proteins for women are specifically engineered by women for women. Available in whey, collagen, and vegan range, those proteins will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Check IdealFit Clear Way – a crystal-clean formula that packs 20g of clean hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and just 80 calories per portion. With zero sugar inside, the protein powder will help you build a lean body by gaining muscle weight or burning down fat deposits. 

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Do They Really Work?​Source: IdealFit Canada website

Mass gainer powder delivers excellent mass-making results.

Most mass gainers are a blend of complex carbohydrates and whey protein concentrates. Thanks to the high-calorie count that complex carbs contribute, a mass gainer makes a perfect sports nutrition supplement to build muscle and general body weight. 

At Bodybuilding.com, you will find a true mass-gaining monster – Bodybuilding Signature Mass Gainer. It is a simple and clean-formula way to go from super skinny to beefy. With 133 grams of complex carbs per portion and 50 grams of clean BodyBuilding whey protein powder, each portion of this mass gainer will make a nutrient-rich, satisfying shake.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Do They Really Work?

Source: BodyBuilding.com website

Protein is useless without vitamins and minerals

It doesn’t matter how much protein you pack your body with. Unless your vitamin tanks are full, all the protein intake will be in vain. Vitamin B-6 is that tiny aspect that makes a huge difference. This vitamin is essential for the breakdown of protein into amino acids and their proper absorption. 

Check for Women's and Men's Multivitamin Active. It contains all the mineral and vitamin essentials your body needs to metabolize proteins, fats, and carbs. 

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Do They Really Work?

Source: GNC Canada website

Vitamins and minerals are also crucial for your bones and joints. Though resistance training is proven to strengthen your joints and bones, this scenario may not play out if you start getting a whiff of the infirmities of age. As we age, our joints wear out and the body makes less fluid to lubricate them. 

Luckily, we have GNC TriFlex that promotes joint health. Clinical strength doses of chondroitin and glucosamine the TriFlex offers will help you to support joint flexibility and mobility.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Do They Really Work?

Source: GNC Canada website

Other supplements

You can further boost your performance by enriching your healthy diet with:

  • Fish oil – the source of omega-3s that aids recovery from intense exercises;
  • Creatine – just 5g of creatine monohydrate supplement before a resistance workout will be a weighty improvement of your strength output;
  • Beta-alanine – this amino-acid compound reduces the acidic environment in working muscles, making your recovery from strenuous resistant training faster and better. 

Sports nutrition supplements may be that one last thing that will finally fill in the gap between what your diet offers and what the body needs. Whey protein, mass gainers, vitamins, minerals, and other sports nutrition supplements may help you see the weight plates with greater denominations on your barbells for bench presses or biceps curls. With the help of FirstOrderCode, you will find promo codes, exclusive deals, and more special offers to save on every purchase.