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Does it matter if you are a student on Black Friday? Does Student Discount mean anything on the fourth Friday of every year? What about Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any special occasion? Student Discounts exist every single time, even on Black Fridays &... more info

The origin of Christmas is tied to a man named Jesus. Many believe that He was born in winter, precisely on the 25th of December. The first celebration of Christmas on this date, December 25, was in 336AD when Constantin was the Roman Emperor. A few years later, Pope Julius 1 made this date... more info

Black Friday in Canada is the most expected event of the year for thrift shopping lovers. It takes place every fourth Friday in November, after the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Every reputable and customer-respected store makes a huge sale. It is a way to express gratitude to loyal customers and let... more info

Do you know that 1.2 million Canadians call in sick on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Did you know that more than a half of the population shop for mobile gadgets on Cyber Monday? For those who do not know, Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. it is the time of the year when you can buy... more info

What comes to mind when most people hear or see the word “boxing” is a fisticuffs. Nevertheless, there’s a holiday also named after boxing, but rather after small and large boxes with gifts inside. Boxing Day, observed a day after Christmas, was first celebrated in 19th century England, under the... more info

From the drinking of beverages in Scotland to the firing of guns (to scare away demons) in Thailand, all over the world, there are hundreds of practices attached to a New Year. Mariah Carey’s chaotic New Year’s Eve concert performance might have been one of the highlights of last year’s eve, but... more info

Lunar New Year is considered to be the most important holiday of East Asian countries. Unlike his Western brother, Chinese New Year is celebrated on the day of the second new moon after the winter solstice. Twelve zodiac animals, symbolizing the 5 elements, are lined up and are waiting for their... more info

Feel it? In the air, there is a smell of romance and a touch of love. This is due to the approaching the long-awaited Valentine's Day. It's getting closer and closer, so you can not forget about pre-Valentine's Day shopping, which will please your loved ones on this exceptional day.... more info

What many remember about the Groundhog Day is the 1993 movie hit titled as the Groundhog Day, starring the golden globe award winner, Bill Murry. What many people don’t know is why this holiday is celebrated by some, while it's significant to others. It is not a statutory holiday in many places... more info

John Wooden once said, “The most important thing is family and love.” We cannot overemphasize the absolute necessity of the household, to be loved by and belong to one. It is a gift that should be forever cherished. Canadian people know the value of family, therefore, a day was picked out of the... more info

Saint Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated by many Irish migrants all over the world. Celebrated in remembrance of the Saint that introduced Christianity to Ireland, it’s a known fact that Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish himself, and this is probably one of the catalysts that aided its broad worldwide... more info

Easter is the Christian celebration dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is customary to celebrate Easter after the first spring fool moon. Some Easter symbols associated more with spring than with religion now: rabbit, flowers, eggs, and other related to spring symbols. It is... more info

The celebration of International Women’s Day annually spreads to new countries to win more supporters. It takes its origin more than a century ago. It started with women’s march who fought for better working conditions and vote right. It could be a coincidence – but now this day is celebrated on... more info

Eleanor Rosevelt once said, “Women are like tea bags; you can’t gauge a woman’s strength until you place her in hot water.” “Hot water” in this case, represents difficulties. A mother never shows signs of weakness to her children even in the face of challenges. Let’s all remember that a woman... more info

The statutory holiday in Canada, Victoria Day coincides with the birthday of Queen Victoria, who headed British Empire and Canada in its composition. It is now celebrated on Monday before May 24 and well-known among the people as May long weekend. It marks the beginning of Summer season with its... more info

Do you know what holiday Canadians celebrate on the third Sunday of June? Actually Father's Day! This day is for people who want to show appreciation for their fathers, tell warm words and demonstrate love. Father sound proudly! He is family support & protection, strong hand & mild heart,... more info

A historic moment took place on the 1st of July, 1867, when four provinces including New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia, came together: this day was the beginning of Canada Day. Known as Dominion Day in its early years, Canada Day wasn’t well established as a national holiday till... more info

The National Aboriginal Day is another widely observed public holiday that is exclusively Canadian. This fantastic holiday was created as a symbol of the recognition of the traditions and contributions of Metis and Inuit. The premiere celebration of this day was in the year 1996, the National... more info

Resumption is always the time to look forward to after any Holiday; you want to show up at school with that new MacBook from Apple or that newly purchased footwear from Adidas. Let’s not forget the process: stores are needed and of course money but most importantly, Back to School sales, deals,... more info

Though it was first legally celebrated in Oregon in 1887, the real origin of Labour Day can be traced back to Toronto, 1872. Yes, believe it or not, Labour Day started in Canada! Yet to have a real founder attached to its origin, the Labour Day was meant to be a day filled with street processions... more info

Ghosts, witches, people from other centuries and superheroes flooding the streets doesn’t seem strange on the 31st of October. It is Halloween and it is believed to be the craziest masquerade everybody likes to be involved in. Want to win the best costume competition or be known among... more info

43 years before the America’s first Thanksgiving holiday celebration, an explorer from England celebrated the first Canadian Thanksgiving to signify his safe arrival. In 1879, Thanksgiving was declared as a national holiday that should be observed on the 31st of January every year. However, in... more info

As a special day that is celebrated in more than four provinces, out of ten, Remembrance Day is a general holiday in Canada. The Armistice Day, as it was formerly known, represent the Day when soldiers stopped fighting, on 11th of November, in the year 1818, at the end of the First World War.... more info

If for any reason you haven’t find your soul mate yet, don’t worry - you are not alone! Single people all over the world unite on the November, 11 and support each other. It takes the origin in China and is very popular among Asian people, but a lot of lonely people in other corners of the planet... more info

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