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Indigo Physical Gift Card & Electronic Gift Card

Indigo Physical Gift Card & Electronic Gift Card

Indigo is full of nice, cute presents, that can be gifted only to people that arise special warm in your heart. To be sure you will gift your darling... More
Indigo is full of nice, cute presents, that can be gifted only to people that arise special warm in your heart. To be sure you will gift your darling what they want and not miss choosing an author of the collection of favorite poetry or do not guess the aroma of the candle that may help to relax or pick the wrong socks size. Your dearest will be just happy to receive Indigo gift card and have a possibility to select a present for themselves. It is very convenient that Indigo offers 2 kinds of gift cards: physical and electronic. Both cards can be used online or in-store. If you know the geographic location of the person you want to bestow something, then it is reasonable to order plastic “Physical Gift Card”, that will be delivered on the specified day right to one’s doorstep. Alias, if you know the electronic address of the person you want to reward with a gift card, then choose the first checkbox “Electronic Gift Card”. If you want to make a present to congratulate with any holiday, then you have a possibility to choose among a range of different designs. The amount on gift card may vary from small $2 up to great $500.
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This brand exists to add satisfaction to our clients' lives – when online shoppers associate with the retailer and when they interface with our items. Every single individual in the organization ought to see how their work adds to the production of blissful client minutes. The company believes everyone owes one another, independent of job or position, a similar degree of regard and mindful as everyone would show to an esteemed companion. Generally, sellers have an obligation to make a domain where every individual is propelled to perform to the best of their capacity. Enthusiasm inventiveness and development are the keys to practical development and productivity. Every individual working at the company ought to mirror this in their work. The merchants’ job, as an organization, is to energize and remunerate the show of these properties. The people at Indigo know that they have an obligation to offer back to the networks wherein they work.

Ways to Save at the Shop

  • Check out the “Sale” page to see items on sale every day. Also, check to see when the promotional event would end.
  • The FirstOrderCode page for Indigo Chapters contains all the present coupon codes and discount sale events, with instructions on how and where to use a Chapters Indigo coupon and when every offer will end.
  • Sign up and become a member to get updates on all the latest Indigo Chapters books to offer.
  • Join the “Plum” or the next level on membership to get free shipping on all orders, up to 10% off every order, and get reward points that a redeemable for future orders.

How to Use Indigo Chapters Promo Code

Stay at home and relax with a good book, wearing the cutest socks for reading, drinking tea from an amazing cup while kids are bothered with interesting toys and developing games. All that is possible with Indigo – the online store where you can find plenty of nice stuff for little money. Furthermore, you can receive an additional discount on all the cool things with promo codes. Just click on “Get Coupon” button and copy the code from the next page. After that move to Indigo and enjoy shopping.

  1. Go to Indigo Chapters online store.
  2. Select a category of the desired item from the top menu or select among hot deals.
  3. Click on the image of the item that caught your eye.
  4. Select the required options.
  5. Press “Add to cart” button.
  6. Find a cart logo at the top right corner of the page.

Apply the promo code

On the right side, there is a sign “Do you have a promo code or bonus card?” and an empty field under it. Paste the saved earlier code into this field and click on the “Apply” button.

Indigo promo code

Free Shipping Information

  • The standard shipping can take between one day to a week, all active days while the expedited option takes mostly between 1 to 4 working days.
  • Order tracking is very easy. Simply log into the account created previously and go to the page created for orders made in the past.
  • There’s an email notification for registered customers once an item is shipped. The notification includes order details like the name pf the carrier and the tracking details.
  • Shipping normally takes place a day after the order was placed. Certain circumstances can cause a delay in shipping.
  • Only standard shipping has a free option attached.
  • The expedited shipping options are not available for all states. The shoppers would know the available delivery options on the checkout page. Shipping options that are listed are the possible delivery service for that address.
  • There are multiple conditions for free shipping on this e-shop.
  • The order’s total cost must be above CAD$35.
  • The free shipping option should be selected when provided on the checkout webpage.
  • Items shipping to no cost may take up to 9 weekdays but never earlier than a day, depending on the address or location.
  • The total order’s price will exclude costs for taxes and the wrap purchased for a particular gift order.
  • Bonus like coupon codes for Indigo Chapters books, discount offers for members, and payment made through miles will not be included in the free shipping quota.
  • Some items are flat-out not included on the free shipping list.
  • Orders to private postal addresses are not eligible for free shipping as well.
  • Canceling a particular order will definitely affect the free shipping status.
  • Free shipping is available to only locations within Canada.
  • For members that are part of the reward program, some items may not be free shipping legible. Nevertheless, a prior notification on the item’s page will be made before the order is placed. Items to private postal options are also not qualified for the no-charges delivery service. The size of the order also determines whether an item can be shipped for free.
  • The next day shipping is also limited to certain products, sizes, and so on.
  • Items are usually delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Other times, delivery can be delivered to the customer’s office or even a book store nearby. So, there’s a need to search for Indigo Chapters near me as deliveries can be made to a bookstore nearby which appears as the pick option.
  • If deliveries are made to other locations besides your home, the carrier will notify the customer to let the person know.

Online Return Policy

  • Returns must be made within a month that the other was made.
  • This retailer offers two returning channels. The first one is a nearby store while the second is made directly to the online shop.
  • Both return options differ only is the method. The former does not require a postal service while the latter must be made using Canada Post to the provided address.
  • The return process starts from logging in then checking the order records.
  • Select the appropriate order and place a return request. Just in case you ordered without signing up, use the returned tool, provided for guest orders.
  • A return tag will be provided, it should be printed and placed in the return package. Then, take the package to the nearest Canada Post outlet.

Customer Service Contact Info

  • Online Email Form or send an Email to
  • Telephone: +1 800 832 7569.
  • Available hours: 9:00 am to 12 am (EST),every day.

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