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Grosche Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many promo codes are on the Grosche now?

    The coupon code count is 9 Coupon Codes & Deals today. They are ranked by priority. The fresh and most viable ones go first. We make sure that all the deals that take the room on our website are accepted.

  • How much time are promo codes available?

    Expiration dates for Grosche’s deals fall in the range of 06/19/2023 and 02/28/2024. Whenever you buy something, you ought to check the expiry dates. The same rule applies to special offers. We always put the recent ones first on the list.

  • Does Grosche offer free shipping?

    Yes. Free delivery is a matter of course at Grosche. We encourage you to check the pool of promo codes and find the one to get your products delivered at zero cost. Cast an eye at other deals to save even more money.

  • Where can I see promotional codes for Grosche?

    Explore this webpage to find all Grosche's active coupon codes and other attention-worthy special offers. Our team constantly updates the list of promo codes and other deals. They make sure those codes and deals can affect the aggregate cost of your order.

  • What is the most profitable offer of Grosche?

    The most optimal special deal of Grosche is 80%. You can find it in the list of coupon codes and other special offers on our website. Get on move on to use the best deal before the end of the period of validity.

Expert Advice: How to Save More at Grosche

Grosche is a company that sells tea and coffee items and accessories.  The company is a B company that uses its profit to provide clean drinking water to communities lacking in this aspect, the planting of trees, and plantations to provide food and income in South Sudan. The brand exists to provide support and aid for the community they live in by providing food, volunteering activities for gardening, serving lunch, and making food hampers for the less privileged. Probably wondering how the funding to do such good is acquired, Grosche Coffee, espresso, and whole beans, coupled with pour-overs and Grosche French presses. You can also buy teas, loose leaves, warmers, mugs, teapots, strainers, bottles, and infusers. The online store also sells pitchers, carafes, Grosche water bottles as well as some accessories for tea and coffee, and of course mugs and glasses. All Grosche teapot comes with an infuser, no need to worry about the leaves. Shop Grosche helps lives.

Ways to save at the shop

There are different ways to save on the Grosche online store;
The online store offers free delivery on your every purchase as long as it is up to CAD50. The online store also has a sale category with items up to ninety percent off. 
You can also purchase the clearance sale as well as items with opened boxes. 
Another way to save is by purchasing gifts. You get to save up to thirty percent off. Even though these items might not be available in large quantity either for a long time, it is advisable to grab yours as soon as possible. 
Regularly, the website offers bonus items on select purchases as well as discounts during festive seasons and special celebrations. 
You can also save by using a coupon code while checking out on the store. 

How to redeem a coupon code

Follow the steps below to use a coupon code on the Grosche website
  • Pick the item you want from the categories on the shop tab
  • A new page with the different options of your item opens, click on what you need.
  • When the next page appears, click on the size and decide the quantity you need. 
  • On the pop-up window, click on view cart. 
  • On the next page, scroll down and click on proceed to check.
  • Below the total price of your order is a box for the coupon code, type your code into the box. Press apply coupon. 

Grosche Coupon Codes, Free Shipping Offers & More Deals

Free Shipping information

The online store provides free shipping to the United States and Canada on orders worth CAD 50. If the order is not up to CAD50 then a rate of CAD10 is required. All orders shipped from Canada without custom fees or duties. Items are shipped from Monday to Friday except for public and national holidays. The shipping companies include UPS, CanadaPost. Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan take three to five days. The rest of the region takes a bit longer up to seven days.

Online Return Policy

Grosche has a standard one-year guarantee on any defective item that is the fault of the company. The guarantee doesn't cover glass breakage because of utilization or misuse. They also additionally offer a lifetime guarantee against the blurring of glass items. If you are not satisfied with your purchase all you need to do is contact the support team and specify if you want your money back or you want another item, you will receive an address to send it to after. 
Returns are free, as long as your order is above CAD50, ensure you communicate with the support team about this so they are ready to receive your item and return your money. If you can’t find the packaging of your item, it’s not a problem, you can use a regular box, fill it with paper, or any form of protection you deem suitable as long as the item is safely packed to reach its destination. The summary of the returns is this, ensure you contact support, properly package the item for safe travel and expect your cash.

Customer Service Contact info

  • Facebook: GroscheInc
  • Instagram: Groscheinternational
  • Youtube: Groscheteacoffee
  • Twitter: Groscheinc
  • Pinterest: Groscheinc
  • Telephone: 519 618 9022
  • Contact Form

Ways to make your Grosche Coffee

Things to note before you start, buy fresh Grosche whole beans, keep it fresh, grind the beans yourself, use clean or filtered water, don’t be selfish with your coffee, remember to wait a minute after your water boils, the heat might not help the taste.
  1. Using your Grosche Pour Over: Boil your water, grind your beans to a granulated consistency. Put your filter in and rinse with warm water, pour out the rinsing water, pour your coffee into the filter, as your water begins to boil, chill a minute and then pour it over your coffee from the middle to outside. Don’t let the coffee sip through before you stop pouring so the gas can leave the coffee. Pour the rest of the water, ensure it is about half full, remove the filter, and enjoy your coffee. 
  2. Using your Groshe French Press: Boil water, crush the beans to crumb size, pour the crushed beans into your press. When the water boils, wait for a minute and pour into the French press and shake it into the coffee grounds. Let it brew for about four minutes, gradually push the press, isolating the grounds from your ready coffee. Don’t leave your coffee in the press if you are not ready, except you want the bitter taste then it is fine. Enjoy your coffee.
  3. Coffee Machine (Drip): If you are making coffee for a large group of people this is the fastest and most convenient. Crush the beans to a uniform consistency like regular salt. Move the grounds into a channel-lined channel basket, put the basket in the coffee machine. Turn the water ramble over the focal point of your crushed coffee. Empty clean water into the rear of the machine (not over the grounds) and then switch on the machine. Remember to switch off the machine when the coffee is brewed to dodge the awful flared taste.

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