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SkipTheDishes Food Delivery with Maximum Savings

SkipTheDishes promises and delivers an exceptional food delivery by utilizing top-notch, uncanny, and unmatchable technology that processes order that numbers in millions per month. SkipTheDishes has been the solution for lots of hungry youths and adults when they need a particular meal the most. SkipTheDishes is Canada’s number one meal service and also possesses the biggest delivery connection and network as it’s in partnership with an extensive chain of restaurants, from east to west and north to south, with the company’s main office residing in Winnipeg. SkipTheDishes is there to bring you and your friends the food you want when you want it.

SkipTheDishes Food Delivery with Maximum Savings

Ways to Save at the Shop

  • Registration is necessary to an extended degree but also comes with extra benefits like updates on deals and coupon codes.
  • The app notifies lets the user know about new offers from restaurants indicated as favorites.
  • FirstOrderCode stays a step ahead by making exclusive and non-exclusive offers and online SkipTheDishes voucher available for general access.

How to Redeem a Coupon Code

  1. Ordering starts with selecting your location or province.
  2. Enter your precise location by typing in your street address.
  3. Select the restaurant you want to buy from or pick the meal category you want.
  4. Pick the dish you want to order on the menu or under a particular subcategory.
  5. Proceed from the cart to the checkout webpage.
  6. Enter the SkipTheDishes Coupon Canada region active code into the box provided for the voucher and apply.

Free Shipping Information

  • Estimated delivery time is provided once an order is placed.
  • The delivery time includes the time of preparation and the time it takes for the order to get to the provided address.
  • Tracking is possible through a real-time GPS tracking system that updates every second.
  • Delays may occur due to different factors like the availability in the kitchen, difficult weather, traffic jams, and concerts. However, this will cause the ETA to adjust accordingly.

Online Return Policy

  • Missing, inappropriately packaged, or wrong items can be reported using the mobile app or website.
  • Other situations when a replacement can be requested is if there’s an unusual object in the food or the order is not delivered in the right state of temperature.
  • SkipTheDishes is only a delivery network and is therefore not part of the meal preparation in any way and won’t take responsibility for anything that has to do with food poisoning or food allergy. 98% of dishes offered by restaurants has some degree of allergic ingredients like milk, wheat, peanuts, gluten, egg, and fish, among others. Therefore, anyone with any form of food allergy should reach out to the restaurant preparing the order and inform them about the issue. Certain restaurants have food allergy policies.
  • An order can be canceled before an order is accepted and can be done swiftly by going to the order tracking option and tapping the button for order cancellation.

Customer Service Contact Info

  • Go to “Need Help?” and select “Open Chat”, there’s no need typing in any SkipTheDishes contact detail anywhere.
  • With the live chat option, reaching out to SkipTheDishes is very easy. However, if a representative is not available for a live chat, other options like an online form pop up.
  • Zendesk is also available for customers with a Zendesk account.


When required, SkipTheDishes provides a contactless delivery option. Customers can decide where the ordered meals can be acquired through a drop and pickup system. Alcoholic beverages, however, do not include this form of delivery.

Registering is quick, easy, and recommended. Signing in using a social media account is also possible. SkipTheDishes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account pack a punch in terms of information for considering being part of the company on social platforms.

SkipTheDishes, in many ways, is the best route to online food ordering and delivery. The app makes finding what you want easier, via the food category or restaurant. As a result, you won’t just be able to bring the food to you but also all your beloved restaurant. SkipTheDishes is all about convenience and it delivers big time in the hassle-free department.

Ordering using the SkipTheDishes online platform or mobile app follows a simple couple of steps which begin by having to enter the address that the food should be taken to or just looking for restaurants close to that address. That way, one can order to an address the person is or not. In other words, ordering for yourself or someone else is seamless.

With all the restaurants close to a particular location on display, two options pop home, home delivery, or a distant pick up like a particular place or from the restaurant making the food. Easily flip through the preferred restaurant’s menu, which is exactly what someone presents physically would receive. Select from all the available drinks or meals. There’s always an option for cutlery, just to get the full package. Who does not love eating and tossing everything else in the bin. SkipTheDishes literarily allows you to skip doing the dishes.

An order confirmation is made by tapping a single button. Payment options vary, and once the order has been placed, a tracking screen shows up on the screen. Monitoring the route of the food to the provided address is like watching TV. Adding addresses once is quite easy. The virtual tracking popping up on the screen is also a way of confirming that the order has been sent and when it received, the person ordering will know immediately. To order to an address that delivery has been made to in the past, simply check order history, this also works for a situation where a particular previous combination of meals or drinks wants to be repeated.

When restaurants decide to use their private delivery option and not one provided by SkipTheDishes, tracking may not show up after that order is placed. Letting others know about a particular order or the carrier can be done after an order is placed. So, share the word before it leaves the mind space.

Regarding the size of the order placed, there’s no minimum value. The fees to be paid for delivery vary based on the distance of the delivery address from the restaurants where the order is prepared. Once the address is entered, select a restaurant nearby to see the delivery costs. The person delivering the product received all of the delivery charges and any tip provided by the person receiving the order. Payment options include credit cards and online payment options provided by the major names in payment services like Adyen.

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