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HelloFresh Box Gift Card

HelloFresh Box Gift Card

As everybody knows we really are what we eat, that's why healthy food is very important to be active every day. HelloFresh Canada helps be healthy! It... More
As everybody knows we really are what we eat, that's why healthy food is very important to be active every day. HelloFresh Canada helps be healthy! It supplies its customers with different tasty receipts and all necessary product for cooking. The instruction contains detailed steps that everyone can cook their own delicious and healthy food. For special occasions, HelloFresh prepared 3 kinds of gift cards such as Pronto Box Gift Card, Family Box Gift Card, and Veggie Box Gift Card. Your friends and family will receive a box with all ingredients for 3 meals and step-by-step instruction with any of these gift cards. Gift Card will be emailed within 24 hours and you can decide on your own what to do: email gift card to your folks or to you. It is possible to print it out and fold into the physical pretty gift card. Be healthy with HelloFresh Canada!
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Popular HelloFresh Canada Coupon Codes and Discounts

DiscountDescription of dealsExpires date
$160 Get up to $160 off at HelloFresh with Student Discount 12/31/2022
$100 Get up to $100 off order + FREE shipping on your first box 12/31/2022
$20 Subscribe and get $20 off your order 12/31/2022
Deal Discover gift cards starting from $79 06/30/2022
Deal Get up to 20 FREE meals + free shipping on FIRST MONTH 12/31/2022

HelloFresh Canada Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I see promotional codes for HelloFresh Canada?

    Explore this webpage to find all HelloFresh Canada's active coupon codes and other attention-worthy special offers. Our team constantly updates the list of promo codes and other deals. They make sure those codes and deals can affect the aggregate cost of your order.

  • How much time are promo codes available?

    Coupons and other deals are valid from 06/30/2022 to 12/31/2022. They do all have an expiry date. New special offers appear first in the last, pushing the old ones down.

  • What is the optimal deal on HelloFresh Canada today?

    The most profitable offer of HelloFresh Canada is 40%. You can find it on our website Pick up the deal and take it to the checkout of to reduce the total cost of your order.

  • Does HelloFresh Canada offer free shipping?

    No. Free shipping isn’t available for HelloFresh Canada. You have to cover the delivery cost of your order. However, you can save money on your orders in other ways. Check out our website for more coupons and other deals.

  • How many promo codes are on the HelloFresh Canada now?

    Find the pool of 5 Coupon Codes & Deals to help you save money today. You don't have to go down a list by yourself. We will spare you the hassle. Check the list of selected ones. They will suit your order best. Let them do their job.

Expert Advice: How to Save More at HelloFresh Canada

To be sure of a good quality of the food you consume, you’d better cook it at home from the natural and useful for health products. In order to save on food delivery, you should try promo codes from HelloFresh. Just click on “Get Coupon” button and copy the code from the next page. Now choose your preferences in cuisine.

1. Visit HelloFresh Canada.

2. Press “View our plans” button in the middle of the page.

3. Select a plan that matches your taste and click “View plan” button.

4. Choose the number of people and number of meals that you are going to receive every week.

5. Press the “Continue” button.

Apply the promo code

In the shopping cart, on the right side if it, you may see a checkbox with the sign “Do you have a Promo Code?”. Check it and you will see an empty field under it. Paste the code that you managed to copy earlier into this field and click on “Apply” button.

HelloFresh Canada promo code

Bon appetite!

HelloFresh Shopping Experience

Poor nutrition is defined as eating too little or overeating. Also, you could explain the topic as the under-eating the number of healthy foods required per day. The importance of healthy eating can’t be overemphasized, but who has that time to put a healthy meal together every day? When you get hungry, a quick bugger from MacDonald’s solves the problem, right? No, make that notion a thing of the past and say hello to HelloFresh, your best partner for fresh & healthy meals. Just for a couple of dollars, HelloFresh ships pre-measured ingredients for tasty meals right to your doorstep and you shouldn't enjoy it alone. HelloFresh offers different plans, including a family meal plan, which takes just a few minutes to prepare. You can choose the
meals you want, including Spiced buns, pizza, and so much more delicious healthy delicacies. The best part is that not one HelloFresh Canada coupon will pass you by because we work daily to provide you with easy access to every HelloFresh promo code.

Ways to save at this shop:

  • Get the best saving options when using our list of coupon offers for HelloFresh. This list contains every valid HelloFresh promo code, and it’s on our page for this store.
  • Using a HelloFresh Canada coupon is easy. Just follow our instructions on how to apply coupon codes on HelloFresh.ca. Also, ensure you check the details we gathered on each HelloFresh promo code & find out the eligible plans or meals or the expiring date for the coupon.
  • A student discount is available.

Free Shipping information

  • Delivery takes place between 8 am to 8 pm on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Delivery does not take place on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Shipping is free to Ontario, Québec, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Newfoundland, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia.
  • Your box can also be delivered right to your workplace.
  • If you are not available during shipping hours, the courier will leave your meal box in front of your door.
  • If you live in a location where there’s no proper place for the box to be placed and you’ll not be at home when the delivery takes place, you can provide additional information on where you want your box to be kept. Alternatively, you can include your neighbor’s address.
  • If you live in apartments, your concierge can collect a box, or you can provide the courier with your apartment’s buzzer instructions.

Online Return Policy

If you have delivery issues, contact the HelloFresh customer support. Whatever the problem is, you can rest assured that it will be handled swiftly.

Customer Service Contact Info

Click on ‘Support’ to activate an online form. Type any question, then click on the ‘Ask Question’ button. You’ll get a response in a few minutes.

Meal Plans

HelloFresh offers the following plans:

  • Family plan: comes with easy to prepare recipes (3-4 meals/week) & instructions for the whole family (4). This plan also includes a 20-min food option.
  • Pronto plan: recommended for 2 – 4 people. This plan comes in the form of already cut and already measured tasty ingredients. Includes between 3-4 recipes a week. However, delivery time remains the same. Meals in this plan take approximately 30 minutes to prepare, no more but could take less.
  • Veggie plan: recommended for vegetarians or veggie lovers. It comes with fresh vegetables, grains, and plant protein.

Payment Method

HelloFresh accepts payments from AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. PayPal is also an option.


  • Proto Plan customers can choose from a range of delicious recipes weekly, precisely 7, but more recipes may be added in the near future.
  • Customers on Family Plan can choose from 6 different recipes, there could be more recipes soon.
  • The veggie plan does not have enough options to swap for weekly, at the time of writing this description. However, the current recipes are sumptuous and delicious, and more recipes may be added soon.

Gift Card

  • You can purchase & redeem gift cards on HelloFresh.ca.
  • To buy a gift card, go down main page. Just below the HelloFresh order to your left, press the ‘Gift Card’ option.
  • Then select between a $175, a $140, a $100, or an $80 gift card. Enter the name and
  • Email address of the recipient. Add a message (optional) and select the date you want the gift card to be sent to the recipient’s email. Select the ‘Checkout’ button to complete the purchase.
  • To redeem a gift card, click on the same ‘Gift Card’ option below. On the following page, select the “Redeem it now” option located on the left side (your right) of the “Did you receive a gift card or e-gift card?” tag line. This option will take you to a new page, where you can redeem the code on the gift card and click “Redeem” to complete the process.
  • Alternatively, scroll down and click on the “Redeem Card” button below the “Redeem a gift card” header. This button will take you to the same new page as mentioned above, where you can insert the code on the gift card and click “Redeem,” just like the steps above.


HelloFresh reviews are pretty much exactly what the plan descriptions say, delicious healthy meals. No more starvation to lose weight or the stress of preparing wholesome, scrumptious delicacies. HelloFresh simply puts your worries of cooking to rest and not just for you but for the whole family. As a result, you save time on groceries shopping & meal preparation taken out of your week, you have more time to do the things that really matter. The cooking instructions are simple enough to be followed by anyone. Everything you need is in the box, nothing extra is required. Delivery is very flexible and there are no commitments. When you want to stop, you simply cancel. HelloFresh is recommended for those that want to change to healthier food choices. Also, if you spend more on junks simply cause you don’t have enough time for making meals, this is right for you. With HelloFresh, one will save more on healthy, delicious meals rather than spending on expensive junk food.

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