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Archambault is a Canadian owned music retail organization established in 1896, it is the biggest retailer of instruments, DVDs, books, periodicals, sheet music, games, toys and blessing items in Canada with its central station in Quebec territory. The organization owns around 14 retails stores in Quebec and owns a web-based business site for conducting business which is viewed as the biggest French retail site in North America. The organization offers a broad and effective service and has brilliant client assistance and efficient conveyance service all through the distinctive Canadian districts and areas.

Ways to Save at Archambault Stores

  • To spare some cost off item price, signup on the website to get email updates on goods and services.
  • Signup on FirstOrderCode to get updates on access codes and discounts on Archambault items. Additionally, look for discounts and promos on specific items by entering the item name in the inquiry box.
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How to Use Archambault Promo Code

Add some more fun to your life. Listen to the new releases of your favorite bands, be aware of all the latest movies, and even get a skill of making music of your own. Use promo codes for Archambault for more mild prices. Start by clicking on "Get Coupon" button and copy the code from the next page. Let's proceed to the shop now.

1. Go to Archambault Canada online store. Log in to your account.

2. Select a category from the top menu to narrow your search.

3. Click on the image of the item that you want to purchase.

4. Press "Add to cart" button.

5. Find the cart logo at the top right corner of the page and click on it.

6. Click "Proceed to checkout" button.

Apply the promo code

At the checkout, find a "Code Promo" title. Under it, you may see a button "Add". Click on it. In the appeared empty line enter the promo code you have copied before. After that press "Add' button.

Archambault promo code
Well done! It was quite easy, wasn't it?

Free Shipping Information

  • Archambault offers free conveyance on items bought through the site ''.
  • Free conveyance is offered on items ordered on the website with a minimum cost of CAD 39 for orders within Canada and conveyed through the standard conveyance.
  • Free conveyance doesn't apply to worldwide conveyance or books and phone orders conveyed to your residence.
  • For conveyances to Quebec and Ontario, standard conveyance costs $7.50 and takes 1-3 weekdays.
  • Accelerated conveyance expenses to Quebec and Ontario is $12.89 and takes 1-day.
  • Universal standard delivery costs $36.99 and takes 6-15 weekdays, while International accelerated dispatching cost $59.99 and takes 4-7 weekdays to convey.
  • By means of Ouest Canadian, standard conveyance costs $22.49 and takes 2-7 weekdays, while accelerated conveyance costs $23.99 and takes 1-2 weekdays.
  • By means of Etas Unis standard conveyance costs $20.99 and takes 6-10 weekdays, accelerated conveyance costs $23.99 and takes 3-5 weekdays.

Online Return and Exchange Policy

  • In case you're dissatisfied with your request from Archambault, you are to return it within 10 days of procurement.
  • After Archambault gets your return, you can trade it for another item or be refunded the expense. Archambault would also refund the conveyance and delivery expenses to you.
  • Returns must be made at one of the Archambault stores, on the off chance that you can't travel, make plans through the client support section.
  • Sound, recordings, and games must be in the original packaging, except it is being returned for defectiveness.
  • Archambault music instruments and in-ear earphones and mouthpieces can't be returned or traded except it is in the original package.
  • Archambault items can be returned in exchange for another item, a refund, or a gift voucher.
  • In the event that the item has no imperfection, the organization will charge 10% of the item cost. On the off chance that you have profited by the free conveyance and decided to return it, the organization will charge 20% of the item cost.

Customer Care Information

  • In the event that you wish to talk with a client support agent, Archambault contact is 877 849-8589 for Canada and 514 849-8589 for Montreal.
  • Client service is accessible from 11 am-4 pm on weekdays.
  • Contact by email.
  • Send letters to the company’s address.
  • Follow Archambault social media pages to get in contact.

Payment Options

  • Ace card, visa-card, and American-express are acknowledged for orders made on the telephone or the site.
  • Postal requests can be paid for with gift vouchers, cash, or checks.
  • Cash is acknowledged as payment for in-store purchases.
  • Tax Expenses on orders are calculated by item cost and tax laws in your region.
  • Requests made on the telephone and the website are sent after payment is affirmed.

Gift Vouchers

  • Gift voucher balance can be checked on the website, on the website you would be required to present the number and pin of the card to check the balance or in-store at the assistance work area/counter.
  • Gift voucher balances can likewise be checked on the Archambault mobile application or by calling client support for assistance.
  • Gift vouchers can be purchased on the website
  • Gift vouchers price starts from $20.
  • Gift vouchers can be purchased in stores or requested on the website.
  • A gift voucher can’t be used until recharged and initiated.
  • It may be utilized as payment for Archambault items available on the website.
  • Gift vouchers can't be traded or reclaimed for money.
  • Stolen or lost gift vouchers won't be replaced except you decide to buy another.
  • Gift vouchers purchased online can be paid for with a credit card and conveyance expenses are paid by the purchaser of the card. Physical conveyance of the gift voucher to your doorstep costs 5% of the total expense


Archambault organization is the biggest and best retailer of melodic items and offers a wide collection of books, instruments, phone adornments, DVDs, and different items you need. Each item offered is accessible to each individual in the family, ranging from the children to the grown-ups. The organization accomplices with numerous different esteemed organizations and brands and their central goal is to offer acceptable quality items and services to the clients. They treat client data with top care and priority.

They charge reasonable prices and payback transportation and conveyance charges to clients if the item is returned for some specific reasons. If you wish to find out more about this ask a client help agent or read it up on the organization's website.

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